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Library Resources
The library has a total collection of about 6,000 documents including reference and text books. Books are being arranged on open access shelves for easy search and retrieval purposes.

Reference Collection: While most of the books that are available in the library can be issued by the students or faculty, some of the books are kept exclusively for reference purposes. The reference books can be photocopied (subject to copyright regulations).

Textbooks Collection: Textbooks for undergraduate courses are arranged in a separate area. Since only a limited number of copies are available for each individual title, students are encouraged to buy their own textbooks.

Light Reading Collection: The Library also has  an impressive number of light reading collections that include literature, sports, fiction and self-development books for improving the reading habits, especially, among the students.

News Paper Collection: Library has subscribed to a total of 21 newspapers both in English and Hindi languages, so that the students can read as per their comfort.

Magazines and Periodicals
: Library has been subscribing to a good number of magazines both in English and Hindi languages and subject periodicals to satisfy the academic and reference needs of both students and faculty. Almost all Hindi and English newspapers are being subscribed by the library to cater to the needs of all types of users from all over India. At present, library is subscribing to 53 periodicals and 42 magazines both in English and Hindi.
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