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Student Accommodation
We at SNU acknowledge the need for creating a microcosm in the campus to adequately represent the diversity that characterizes India. We provide an interactive, holistic, healthy and academic-oriented environment for students in our hostels, which are gender segregated and independent.

SNU is fully residential having 1628 rooms for the academic year 2013/14 and is a state-of-the-art hostel within the core operating premises of the functional Academic areas. Well serviced by a fully functional HACCP governed catering service, it is supplemented by a food court in the main academic block, with a full spectrum of gastronomic delights offered by Mother Dairy, Chote Nawab etc. Each floor of the hostel is provided with a small pantry which is equipped with a microwave oven.

Given the different cuisine requirements of the diverse cultural communities to which our elite students belong, the menu has been broadened to provide a wide range of choices. The offered food is closely monitored by the Student-elected governing mess Committee and Administration of the University.

The hostel has the latest equipment to make sure that the students' have an efficient laundry system that is operational in situ. This operates at fixed monthly charges, which are very pocket friendly.

The rooms and washrooms of the hostel are well-fitted and the ladies washrooms are built with the Feminine Hygiene Concepts in mind.

The hostel rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each room has an individual space containing bed, mattresses, wardrobes, study table with chair, curtains and individual LAN ports. The common areas of the hostels are Wi-Fi enabled.

The hostels are equipped with solar water heaters because this area experiences sharp winter months of this area; however, this is adequately backed up by electricity for overcast days.

Each hostel has a gym, which comes with the latest gender-segregated equipment and appropriate instructors.

The entire hostel facility is maintained by professional housekeeping and maintenance agencies that have vast exposure in the corporate climate. A global agency has been deployed for pest control and they work in defined periodic cycles, which is monitored and reported. This agency uses a combination of bio degradable and eco-friendly chemicals that does not impact our environment and is part of our commitment towards sustainability.

A 3 tier 24x7 security system, using male and female guarding staff, as appropriate, is deployed and very closely monitored by a vigilant and robust security matrix. The agencies deployed at site are best in class and can be seen at MNCs offices.

Students are dealt with utmost care. Each hostel has designated wardens. Effective mentorship has been made available with designated Associate Dean for Student Welfare and further addressed by the Dean for Student welfare.

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