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Students Societies

Students Council

The Students Council has been established to communicate student convictions clearly and willfully to faculty, administrators, and the Board, and thereby contribute towards the formulation of policies keeping in mind the uniqueness of the University. The Council works with the entire Shiv Nadar University family to ensure that all students reach their full academic, social and spiritual potential with the resolve to sustain and nurture the spirit of Shiv Nadar University. The members feel that being part of the decision making process, they learn as to how best serve the demands of an evolving democracy and to make effective and efficient use of the resources available.

The inaugural office holders of this body, had also established a Drafting Committee to formulate a Constitution helpful in shaping SNU as the most liberal and visionary university based on democratic values and the principle of self-governance for students.

President Sai Gireesh Pokala
Vice President Manan Arora
Cultural Secretary Lakshmi Ravi
Sports Secretary Dasaratha Rama Reddy Munagala

  • Sankaralingam Muthuswamy

The Shiv Nadar University Model United Nations Society focusses on enhancing skills like critical thinking, public speaking, group communication, research, policy analysis, active listening, negotiation, conflict resolution, note taking and technical writing. The society encourages the UN core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity and aims to create better leaders for the global community.

Its activities include organizing and hosting workshops, debates and MUN conferences. The MUN Society also facilitates students in attending MUN conferences by other universities and MUN Associations. Many members have participated in conferences at the national level and earn accolades for the University.

  • Adrija Chaudhuri
  • Girish Kumar
  • Falaah Khan
  • Ahana Raghuvanshi

Words.Ink, the Literary Society of Shiv Nadar University was envisioned as a forum for students to discuss and pursue their literary interests freely. The society is actively working towards its goal of generating interest in literature and language among students. The society compliments technical education by providing a platform that encourages discussions and activities for literature enthusiasts. The Society organizes various literary activities and events within the campus and also facilitates participation of the members in the events organized by other Institutions. Connect to us at:

  • Vishnu Prasad
  • Varushi Jain
  • Nitish Thakurale
  • Sacchit Srenivasan


Invictus, the dramatics society of Shiv Nadar University was established by the foundation batch of 2011. The society believes in the motto: “Express Yourself” as we feel that life is a stage where we all express our feelings, take action according to a particular situation and reach a climax. As Shakespeare says, “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players”. We at Invictus feel that every feeling whether happiness, sorrow, greed, love, guilt, action add to the Drama of life and provides the insight to deal with all kinds of situations that unfold in the stage of life. Invictus provides a platform for all the students to integrate varied dimensions of life, and in turn promote holistic thinking and living. This counters the cultural tendencies to compartmentalize and rank in order the different domains in life.

  • Srinivasan G Ram
  • Rajgopal Venkat
  • Atish Majumdar
  • Anirudh Kishore

'Snuphoria', the Music Society of Shiv Nadar University was formally established in August 2012. It aims towards bringing skilled and enthusiastic musicians under one roof and represent the University in musical events, besides organizing events within the campus, and to promote fresh talent. The society has both Western and Indian departments with a total of 50 or more members. Snuphoria truly has the best musicians in SNU who have showcased their talents at various events like the Fresher’s Party, Breeze etc. Slowly gathering notes, larger musical extravaganza are in store by this society as it fine-tunes itself towards perfection. Get to know us! :

  • Karthika B
  • Sweta Patra
  • Shabarish Shankar
  • Rajagopal V

SPIC MACAY, the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth has established a chapter at SNU with the aim to conserve and promote the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of India. With a focus on classical arts, the society aims to create awareness about classical arts and the attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy with an understanding of the deeper and subtler values. The cultural events organized by the society like Folk Dance and Music, Flute Recital and Sitar performances, are a big hit amongst the SNUites. The society feels that events like these foster the exchange of traditional Indian values and connects the youth to the cultural traditions and heritage of India.

  • Pratik Agarwal
  • Sneha Iyer
  • Sonali Varma
  • P V S N Chanakya

We Infernos, the spices of this University, carry the gusto to dance.
Endowed with fathomless zest, exuberance and ardor,
We dance our emotions, we dance our thoughts.
Dance is our God, and dancing is our prayer.

Inferno- the Dance Society of SNU is the largest Society in the University with over 85 members. Inferno organizes dance classes regularly under professional guidance to celebrate the spirit of dance. The society promotes and sponsors the deserving performers for big events and also organizes events to tap the latent talent of the SNUites.

  • Maithili Rao
  • Geethika Chandra
  • Sundara Rajan
  • Sanoj Mathew
Go Green Club

"Planting a tree, is planting an idea!” said Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, one of the greatest teachers of all times, and India’s missile man, while visiting the Shiv Nadar University campus. His quote gave the ideology and shaped the Go Green club's vision. The “Go Green Club” was founded on Aug 18, 2011 when the first batch of students came to the University. The green members of SNU took the initiative to make the campus greener and healthier besides preserving its natural beauty. The motto of the club is: "We'll change!! We'll change the earth, change the people, change the air".

Go Green Club is open to all, because we feel that by keeping it open, everybody is encouraged to contribute their bit to the environment in their own way. As part of our club’s mission we plant a sapling for every faculty that joins the university and plan to continue this tradition.

  • Ishan Banerjee
  • Anagh Narain
  • Sambhavna Biswas
Film Appreciation Society

Cinema is a complex medium having a universal appeal that spans across boundaries. To understand the complexity of this mass medium, the SNU Film Appreciation Society was formed. Contemporary cinema is influenced by different factors like artists, countries, innovators, art forms, businesses etc. The SNU Film Appreciation Society strives to understand various aspects of cinema and the influence it takes from the socio-political culture.

The society organizes screenings of different movies like documentaries, art films, foreign cinema and sometimes popular mainstream films, followed by a discussion and critique of the movie. The idea is to share inspiring, creative, heartwarming and entertaining sessions with cinema lovers after being acquainted by various genres and to achieve the following objectives:
  • Get acquainted with the terminology of Film Production and Analysis.
  • Understand the technicalities of film production, like music, sound, editing, composition, camera movement, lighting, etc.
  • Appreciate the creative contributions of the screenwriter, director and performers.
  • Perform economic, historical, psychological, and socio-political analysis of movies.

  • Yamohiadeen
  • Baadal Singh
  • Ramyasri
  • S Sidharth Gautham
  • Shubham Agarwal
ORIONCES - Orion-SNU Civil Engineering society (Orion-SNUCES)

We enable and support Student-student , student-faculty interactions. Along with case studies, competitions, workshops, Group Discussion, video presentation and lot more.

  • To provide a vibrant platform to students for knowledge sharing, information access and utilizing the Internet as a tool for growth.
  • To promote scientific and educational activities towards Civil Engineering
  • To bring together Engineers, Scholars and Students in the areas of Engineering and Technology
  • To promote research that highlight successful modern applications of Civil Engineering and related sciences.
Our Website:

  • Danish Sinha
  • Bhuvnaesh srivastva
  • Bharat V.
  • Akhil
Robotics Club

The Robotics club of SNU was envisioned as a platform to develop and popularize the concept of robotics among students. The club organizes workshops for starters to make them capable enough to build robots after understanding the dynamics of robot designing. Activities like Self-Making for instance Temperature Finder, Cleaner, etc. are also undertaken by the club to promote robotics. Breeze, the annual fest of the college, is the biggest arena where the students can showcase their robot making skills with competitions like Sumo War, Track completion.

  • Sanoj Mathews
  • K. Niharika
  • Bhuvaneesh Srivastava
  • Smarth Gupta
Adventure Club

College Life is an “Adventure” in itself. It is the journey in which students come out of their cocoons and explore the different facets of life. It is and will always be one of the best and memorable times for everyone. The Adventure Club at SNU was established with the idea to promote adventure activities like river rafting, trekking and camping. The club also aims at familiarizing the students with the beauty and the thrills of nature.

  • Anagh Narain
  • Ayush Chadha
  • Avilok Updhayay
  • B. Mouli
  • Ashish Pant
SNU Quizzing Society (SQS)

Quizzing is not just a test of memory but also involves the art of deduction, following the gut instincts, connecting things, etc. within a limited time. A good quizzer needs to be a team player, working in tandem, complementing other members' areas of strength, tuned to the same wavelength and drawing conclusions faster. One must also be aware of the happenings around immediate and global environment.

The SQS is dedicated to creating a thriving quizzing environment in the University and encourage questioning spirit in areas like Science and Technology, Sports, Media and Entertainment, Business and Economics, World Affairs, Literature, History, Mythology, etc. The Society also organizes quizzes every month and an Annual Inter-University Quiz is also on our calendar.

  • Aditya Murlidharan
  • Arthi Ganesh
  • Radhika Raghu
  • Rishabh Pandey
Visually SNU

The name "Shiv Nadar University" will become a dream world for every student in our country soon, but the initial years, the way it was... how it started, how everybody worked towards making the presence of University felt, are memories forever. "Visually Shiv Nadar University" the Photography Club of Shiv Nadar University records these memories for all. Visit of "the Missile man" on campus, the first ever University tournament, dance performances, singing talent, Spic Macay events, NSS meets, first play, Holi celebrations, and many more. SNU is a fast growing family buzzing with activities and the vivid memories created by the Founding batches will be source of inspiration for our juniors. First short film at Shiv Nadar University - "Victorious Flop" Audio Visual @ Dr. Kalam's Visit, "Breeze" – photography and promos, sports activities, Freshers welcome audio visual are some of the important projects of the club.

  • Akanksha Tiwari
  • Ankita Srivastav
  • Rohan Wasan
  • Srishti Kumar
Creative Society

SNU's Creative Society aims to promote the rich art and cultural Heritage of India among the students in the campus. The key activities taken up by the club are:

Craft Work

The club intends to have monthly intra-university events and campus exhibitions so as to preserve the colorful atmosphere in the campus. Trips to Art Museums, participation in College Fests and workshops to provide exposure and opportunity to the members to showcase their talents are other activities of the club.

  • Angelicka Shankar
  • Meghna Joshi
  • Shantam D. Mogali
  • Yashaswi Singh
  • Raunak Agarwal
  • Aishwarya Sharma

Covering everything from in-campus news to out-of-campus happenings and unearthing literary talent on campus, the SNU e-newspaper is your one-stop-shop to the best this campus has to offer. It provides students a platform to express their talent and thoughts about the world around them. Reflecting the buzz of the campus and mirroring the view point of the faculty is the main objective of the e-newspaper.

  • Harsh Kejriwal
  • Apthiri Reddy
Culinary Club

The Culinary club at SNU tries to spice up the life of students and faculty through something that is an essential part of everybody’s life- FOOD. The society has cooks, foodies and tasters who try to figure out ingredients in a particular dish. The club had also presented a live pasta counter at the annual fest “Breeze”, fully managed by students, which was a very big hit. A one of its kind of club, the Culinary Club is definitely a connecting bond between the faculty and the students.

  • Tanmay Jain
  • Varun Puri
  • Abhinav Prakash
  • Prateek Gupta

Inspiria - SNU Case Studies is a student initiative aimed at preparing students for the corporate world. Here we get the pre requisite to have a successful and a balanced corporate life.

At Inspiria we deal with:

Case Studies: The case studies from different corporate sectors. Each student as a decision maker tries to find a viable solution keeping in mind the given set of conditions. This helps in achieving a two-way interaction with the companies.

Corporate Crash Investigations: Investigate why some companies/entrepreneurs/corporate people have failed/are failing and learn from their mistakes.

Journey to Success: Analyze how small startup ideas reached great heights.

Speaker Sessions: Interacting with renowned people from the industry to share their experience and enlighten the students.

It is an opportunity not only for students aiming to have a career in management but also for those who want to get acquainted with the corporate sector.

Talk to us:




  • Alka Gupta
  • Muskein Singh
AURA: Go. Engross. Give

AURA is a nonprofit educational society where students from all disciplines come together and contribute their bit in thriving the overall development of the overlooked students in the areas close to the campus. It is a team of enthusiasts who believe in:

‘Going ahead,
Engrossing themselves in their endeavors,
Giving back to the society in their own little way’.

Email Id:

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