SNU career edge
With an intensive 4-year research-led curriculum giving students a global exposure
Shiv Nadar University’s efforts are centered around research in and contributing to emerging areas to develop solutions for the planet. Some of these areas will have a high commercial impact while many others are driven by societal considerations. One of the key areas of focus for the University will be to constantly develop courses and curriculum in areas that have the greatest potential and need for trained manpower. The Board of Academics at the University is constantly scanning the external environment to understand the areas that have the highest potential and to develop courses that need to be offered to students so that they could make a relevant contribution in these areas.

Many of the upcoming fields are no longer focused on a single domain of study, but need the combination of a variety of domains. As SNU offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum, it is best suited to create combinations and specializations from the various domains so as to best address potential areas for tomorrow.

Over the next few years some of the fields that SNU will focus on are listed below. These fields are expected to require a steady supply of trained, educated and passionate people who can take on the emerging challenges. These areas are offered as Specializations in the various Schools at SNU and the curriculum has been designed by SNU faculty in consultation with industry experts.