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Shiv Nadar
Founder & Chairman HCL & Shiv Nadar Foundation
"If there is a tool that can empower individuals and narrow the socio-economic, rural-urban divide, I believe that it is transformational education..."


Come and create a world-class institution

The University is a research-led, interdisciplinary institution at par with premier educational institutions across the world. Our effort and commitment is to provide a comprehensive, balanced and demanding education in multiple disciplines.

The pillars of the University and the key to making this dream a reality is the founding faculty. They will not only engage in teaching and research, but will also be central to the task of institution building. We are looking for individuals who will lead, exemplify and be responsible for the fulfillment of the University's vision. They will be the beacons to draw the best minds to be a part of a community of educators and researchers.

We are committed to offering our faculty four essential features that will form the core of the work experience at SNU: academic and intellectual freedom to express ideas, both inside and outside the classroom; financial and infrastructural support for research and other scholarly and creative activities; outstanding students selected through a rigorous, merit-need based admission process; competitive compensation packages comparable to those available in other parts of the world. It will indeed be the founding faculty who will create and mould an educational institution ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

Please explore and apply for the current opportunities available in the following areas:

Postgraduate Undergraduate
Natural Sciences
Research Postgraduate Undergraduate
Humanities & Social Sciences
Postgraduate Undergraduate
Management and Entrepreneurship
I-Global MBA – 2018-20
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