The Career Development Centre at the Shiv Nadar University supports the students in shaping and managing their careers by building key ingredients required for a student to be a complete professional.

The Intensive Student Development Program focusses on Training students on various Skills through Career Counseling, Boot Camps and Talks while the Industry Connect Program builds a network of Partnering Organizations focusing on Industry Leadership Talks , Mentorship Program , Internships and eventually Placements .

Student Development Program

Registration and Orientation:

CDC will conduct an orientation session at the beginning of the new Semester on Career Building and Career services of the Cell . The Orientation Session is mandatory for the students to avail the services offered by the Center. Registration with the CDC is a prerequisite for attending the Orientation Session. Registered students will be required to carry the Registration form along with the necessary documents (information provided with the registration form) to be submitted to CDC.

You can register yourself at: Provide the link / contact: careerservices@snu.edu.in

360 degree Feedback:

A professional has to constantly work towards achieving growth and learning new skills by being aware of his strengths and weaknesses and improving on them .Students are encouraged to seek critical insights and suggestions from peers, faculty and friends on improving themselves by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, inclinations, aspirations and attitude. Each student along with the CDC Counselors based on the feedback can design an action plan to maximize positive traits and minimize the effect of negative traits.

Online Assessment:

Accessing and hiring quality talent is a challenge in a people driven economy. While talent exists in large numbers ,the toughest task for recruiters lies in understanding the availability of talent pools, sifting through this dynamic talent pool and choosing the candidates that best fit with the job-role and organization.

The CDC will conduct an online assessment for all students once every year .This assessment will be measuring students’ abilities on numerical ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation and problem solving helping organizations reach the right candidates and helping students identify development areas much in advance.

Profile Discussion and Personalized Counseling:

Each student at the campus goes through a personalized profile discussion, assessment and counseling session with the expert CDC counselors. This enables the student to assess his strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas well in time before he begins his journey as a professional.

Career Development Plan:

The CDC counselor and student will jointly work towards creating an action plan focused on improvement of his identified areas of development. The same plan will be having clear milestones against specific actions the student needs to take. The actions could be self driven, activities which the CDC has planned as a part of the calendar or could also be training programs he undertakes online.

talkMATTERS - Thursday Chat Forums, 2hours, all are invited
Scope of Topic Speakers Profile
What’s Trending !! Industry Trends : Technology, Hiring, Careers, Companies, Skills, Domains, Environment, Market n Customers, Senior Industry Experts from various companies. Could be project heads, technology visionaries, domain experts, recruitment heads.
Engineering Marvels. Real Life examples of fine engineering solutions/products across domains. Project experts, technology experts from engineering companies
Out of the BOX A series on introducing the leading and innovative entrepreneurs and their ideas to the SNU students CEO and founders of various start ups across the country
Real Life Heroes A series on slices of life lectures from people and their success mantras from their careers Retd and serving people from Govt / Defence / Social sector / champions of life… typically from various walks of life not necessarily from corporate and nothing to do with technical inputs


BootCamps are rigorous training program conducted by the Career Development Centre for students as part of their development program. These programs cum workshops would focus on personality enhancement and professional development of all the students. Some of the important areas are:
» Confidence to Communicate -
To hone communication skills
» Grooming for Lasting Impressions -
To enhance personality traits
» Collaborative Working -
To develop team work qualities
» Work Place Tools -
To know and use tools like MS Office Suite and others
» Impactful Interviews -
To face an interview with confidence
» Personal Effectiveness Tools -
To set smart goals and achieve them


An Internship is an on the job training for students studying at the university to gain an insight into the way an organization works. The Internship may be in their area of expertise but not necessarily so. Students can use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain credits for their academic program

All students at the Shiv Nadar University are eligible to apply for Internships.

The Center besides generating Opportunities for Internship, coordinates with Faculty for the students wishing to apply for the same, Coordinates with the partnering organizations for Job Descriptions etc. and awarding certificates at the end of the internship besides empaneling the organizations as a partner for Internship.

Industry Connect Program

Mentorship Program
The CDC provides a unique mentorship program to our students in the final year and third year of their graduation programs. Industry leaders from various companies get aligned to a team of up to 3 student mentees training them on various domains and skills through a project based assignment.

Our Mentors are senior industry professionals with a passion to contribute towards development of students. They are experts with a minimum of 15 years of work experience, excellent academic and professional skills and are currently in leadership positions across their organizations. These committed and seasoned industry professional from various domains embark upon a year- long engagement with the students from the University.

Interested in mentoring our undergraduates: Click here/ contact: careerservices@snu.edu.in

Industry Conclave
CDC organizes regular Annual Industry Meets to serve as a networking forum for all prominent industry connects. To cater to different geographies, Industry Meets may also be organized in important hubs such as other metro/industrial cities.

On Field Industry Visit
CDC organizes field visit or an Industry visit for its students on a regular basis. These visits are at sites of professional relevance to the students and can also be sites that will contribute to the overall personal and professional development of the students.

SNU Tour
CDC organizes familiarization visits to the University for the industry. Industry representatives are welcomed to tour the University’s world-class facilities and meet the key people running the University.

(Book a tour: provide a link or contact: careerservices@snu.edu.in)

Career Development Centre

Statement of Service
The Career Development Centre at the Shiv Nadar University supports the students in shaping and managing their careers by building key ingredients required for a student to be a complete professional . The Centre will focus on building life skills or employability skills through various training programs and an extensive industry connect program ensuring an all-round development. These skills not only improve the chances of placements for students/ graduates but also help in developing professional attributes for continuing and growing in the job. These are the skills, attitudes and actions that enable professionals to get along with their fellow workers, reporting managers/ supervisors and to take informed decisions at crucial times.

Anubha Bali:
Head, Career Development Centre

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