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  • Kanwar Sen, Manju Agarwal and Pooja Mohan (2012, December), “GERT analysis of consecutive-k systems: An overview”, to appear in “Statistical Paradigms: Recent Advances and Reconciliations”, Editors Ashish Sen Gupta, Tapas Samanta and Ayanendranath Basu (ISI, Calcutta), to be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Inc., ISBN: 9789814313954.
  • L. M. Saha, Sadanand Prasad and Manabu Yuasa (2012): “Measuring chaos: Topological entropy and correlation dimension in discrete maps”, Science and Technology, Kinki University, Japan, 24, 11–23 [Impact Factor = 0.2807].
  • L. M. Saha, Sadanand Prasad and R. K. Mohanty (2012): “Correlation dimension and topological entropy in discrete maps”. Applied Mathematical Sciences 6, No. 84, 4197–4209 [Impact Factor = 0.331].
  • L. M. Saha, Sadanand Prasad and G. H. Erjaee (2012): “Interesting dynamic behavior in some discrete maps”. Accepted in IJST, 34A [Impact Factor = 0.41].
  • L. M. Saha and Niteesh Sahni (2012): “Chaotic evolutions in a modified coupled Logistic type predator-prey model”. Accepted for publication in Applied Mathematical Sciences [Impact Factor = 0.331].
  • Yasuo Tanaka, G. Ambika and L. M. Saha (2012): “Nonlinear behaviors of pulsating stars with convective zones”. Accepted in PASJ: Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan [Impact Factor = 4.4].
  • L. M. Saha and Sadanand Prasad (2012): “Chaos measure in some discrete maps”. To appear in Rev. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. [Impact Factor = 0.357 ?].
  • L. M. Saha and M. K. Das (2012): “Chaos estimation in some discrete dynamical systems”. Accepted for Publication in Rev. J. Col. Math. Soc. [Impact Factor = 0.357 ?]
  • M. K. Das, AninditaBhattacharjee, Navin K. Bhatraju and L. M. Saha (2012): “Cooperative dynamics of coupled neuron model and multifractality”. Accepted for Publication in Rev. Bull. Cal. Math. Soc. [Impact Factor = 0.357 ?]
  • NiteeshSahni, Til Prasad Sarma and L. M. Saha (2012): “Measuring chaos in discrete nonlinear systems”. Journal of Applied Mathematics, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, USA [Impact Factor = 0.656].
  • R. K. Mohanty, Venu Gopal and L. M. Saha (2012): “High accuracy non-polynomial spline in tension method for one-space dimensional wave equation with significant non-linear first order space derivative term”. Mathematical Sciences [Impact Factor = 1.128].
  • L. M. Saha and M. K. Das (2012): “Bifurcation and chaos measure in some discrete dynamical systems”. Journal of Mathematical and Computational Sciences.
  • Vikrant Jain, S. K. Tandon and Rajiv Sinha (2012): “Application of modern geomorphic concepts for understanding the spatio-temporal complexity of the large Ganga river dispersal system”, Current Science.

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