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Department of Mechanical Engineering
S Rajesh Reddy
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
School of Engineering
Email Contact:
Education Details
PhD: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, India (2016)
MTech: Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, India (2009)
BTech: Mechanical Engineering, GMR Institute of Technology, A.P, India (2006)
Professional Experience
Research Associate, IIT Hyderabad, India (2016-2017)
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, GIET, A.P, India (2009-2010)
Research Interests
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Multiphase flows
High fidelity simulations
GPU computing
Select Publications
International Journals:

V. K. Pantangi, S. C. Mishra, P. Muthukumar, R. Reddy. Studies on porous radiant burners for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cooking applications. Energy 36, (2011) 6074-6080.

R. Reddy and R. Banerjee. GPU accelerated VOF based multiphase flow solver and its application to sprays. Computers and Fluids 117, (2015) 287-303.

R. Reddy and R. Banerjee. Direct simulations of liquid sheet break-up in planar gas blast atomization. Atomization and Sprays 27, (2017) 95-116.

Conference Proceedings:

R. Reddy, R. Banerjee. Study of disintegration of a high-speed liquid jet using VOF method. Procedia IUTAM 15, (2015) 305–312.

Papers presented at conferences:

V. K. Pantangi, S. C. Mishra, P. Muthukumar, R. Reddy. Experimental study on performance improvement of a domestic LPG cooking stove using porous inert media. 9th ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, Mumbai, India, Jan 2010.

S. R. Reddy, J. Sebastian, S. M. Miyyadad, R. Banerjee, N. Sivadasan. VOF based two-phase flow solver on GPU architecture. ICCMS, International Conference on Computational Mechanics and Simulation, Hyderabad, India, Dec 2012.

S. R. Reddy, J. Sebastian, S. M. Miyyadad, R. Banerjee, N. Sivadasan. Single and Two Phase Flow CFD Solvers Using GPU. PARCOMPTECH, National Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies, Bangalore, India, Feb 2013.

R. Reddy, R. Banerjee. Simulation of a gas blasted liquid sheet on GPU architecture. ILASS Europe, 26th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Bremen, Germany, Sep 2014.

H. Sarang, S. R. Reddy, J. Shashank, R. Banerjee. High fidelity simulations of binary collisions of liquid drops. ILASS Asia, 18th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Chennai, India, Nov 2016.

S. Jaiswal, R. Reddy, R. Banerjee, S. Sato, D. Komagata, M. Ando, J. Okada. An efficient GPU Parallelization for arbitrary collocated polyhedral finite volume grids and its application to incompressible fluid flows. HiPC, 23rd annual IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics, Hyderabad, India, Dec 2016.

National and International Recognition:

Received NVIDIA best paper award during the conference ICCMS 2012.
Received excellence in research award at IITH during the academic year 2015-2016.
Received HiPC 2016 conference travel grant award.

Executive Summary
Dr. Rajesh Reddy obtained his PhD in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Prior to joining Shiv Nadar University, he worked as Research Associate at IIT Hyderabad in a project funded by JFE Steel Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan. His research interests include inhouse solver development for simulation of gas-liquid multiphase flows, Parallel computing using GPUs and simulations using OpenFOAM package.
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