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Department of English
Tulika Chandra
Associate Professor,
Department of English,
School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Dean of students' welfare
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Education Details
Ph.D., Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2008
P.G. Diploma (Journalism and Mass Communication), 2004
M.Phil, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 1995
M.A. (Linguistics), Jawaharlal Nehru University, 1993
Professional Experience
Over 19 years of research and teaching experience in the area of Translation, Folklore, Business Communication, English Language Teaching, Language Acquisition and ESP (English for Specific Purposes)**

** Tulika was selected to participate in fifteen-day Women in University Administration from South and Central Asia program, a premier professional exchange program in June 2016. The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) hosted the program, it was fully sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.
Translation Studies, Folklore, Language Literature & Theatre, Phonetics, Business Communication, Language Literature & Communication, English for Specific Purposes
Research Interests
Translation, Folkloristics, Preservation of Folktales, Folk-literature, Folklore & Identity, Development of Language, English Language Teaching, Phonetics, ESP, Language Acquisition, Business communication, Language skills
Select Research
'Phonological Development in Bilingual Children', 2011 by Academic Excellence, New Delhi, 2011

'Media Strategy', 2011 by Vikas Publication

'Mahabharata and The Eternal Muse: An Anthology of Poems', Maharshi Dayanand University course material, 2011

Working on:
Translation of more than 106 folktales and 26 folksongs (lyrics) from Braj language & Hindi into English.

Book Chapters:
‘Traits of Transmission and Preservation: Interpreting Digital Versions of Folktales and Folksongs from India’ in book-ed. ‘Folk Belief and Traditions of the Supernatural’; Beewolf Press – 2016

'ESP (English for Specific Purposes): English in Mass Communication' published in - 'Contemporary Themes and Issues in Language Pedagogy’ Vol 1 2014, Ed. Dr. Vaishna Narang, Published by: Books Plus, New Delhi

‘Designing a Course Curriculum for Translation Programs’ Ed. Narang V in the book ‘Issues in Learning Theories and Pedagogical Practices Vol 1’, Orient BlackSwan, 2013, pgs 207-230

Article -'English in Mass Communication' published in - 'Contemporary Themes and Issues in Language Pedagogy' 2007, Edited by Dr. Vaishna Narang, Published by: Books Plus, New Delhi

Book Review:
'Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions' by Dan O' Hair, Gustav W. Friedrich, Lynda Dee Dixon, (2008) Pearson Education, New Delhi, in Asia-Pacific Business Review (Vol. IV, No. 4, October- December, 2008); March 2009.

Research Paper Presented:
  • Research Paper Presentation: Title “Narrators and their Narrations: Unfinished Stories in context of the intrusion of commercial exploitation.” Presented at American Folklore Society 2016 Annual Meeting with the International Society for Folk Narrative Research, October 19-22, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, in Miami, Florida. The theme for the meeting was "Unfinished Stories: Folklife and Folk Narrative at the Gateway to the Future." She was awarded travel stipend to attend and stay through the conference 2016 by American Folklore Society.

  • Paper Presentation: 'Translating Folktales: affirming the cultural identities', at Sahitya Akademi and Bhaashaa Foundation, International Conference on “Translations and Migrations”; 21st and 22nd November 2014.

  • Paper Presentation: ‘Formative Evaluation for ELT and Art of Setting Question Papers’; at 9th International and 45th Annual ELTAI Conference, Rajasthan: Jaipur Chapter in collaboration with Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur August 2014

  • Paper Presentation: ‘Traits of Transmission and Preservation while Interpreting and Crafting Digital Versions of the Folktales & Folksongs from Braj Region: India’ at a conference “Folk Belief and Traditions of the Supernatural: Experience, Place, Ritual, and Narrative”, March 2014, Shetland, United Kingdom.

  • Paper presentation: ‘ESP: Need of the Hour is for Purposive Curriculum for Business Communication Courses in India’, International Conference on 'Methods, Aesthetics & Genres in English Communication ' University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun’ paper read in absentia April, 2014

  • English Department's Faculty Research Presentation Series: Talk on “Documentation of Folktales through Digitization’ September 2013, Shiv Nadar University Paper Presented on

  • “Learner-centered Instruction and the Role of Instructors for ELT Class-rooms” The 10th Asia TEFL International Conference, Gurgaon, October 5, 2012

  • Paper Presented on ‘Translations for Mass Media and the Choice of Appropriate Words' at 3rd International Conference on Translation, Technology and Globalization in Multilingual Context, June 23-26, 2012, New Delhi

  • ‘Significance of Errors in a professional course’ "International Conference on Strategic Communication: Learning from Mistakes, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India, November 4-5, 2011"

  • ‘Translators as mediators: Identifying linguistic interaction in multicultural society’, at International Conference, Indian Translators Association, December 2010

  • ‘Application of Best Suited Teaching Methodologies in Translation: Especially Indian Folk Tales’ at National Conference on ‘Language and Translation Industry of India’, - April 17 & 18, 2009.

  • Held a workshop at Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi on ‘Use of Language & CCE’, January 2012

  • Held a workshop at Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi on ‘Reading Different Types of Texts: Stories Poems, Riddles & Instruction’, October 2012

  • Held a workshop at Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi on ‘Organizing Group Discussion & Situational Conversation’, February 09, 2013

  • Delivery of Lecture on invitation: As resource person for a workshop & Interactive Session conducted for 40 teenagers, on 19.07.12 at 'Prayas', was invited for a workshop & interaction with the marginalized and underprivileged children at Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society, Tuglakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi

  • Delivery of Lecture on invitation: As resource person for the Interactive Story Session conducted for 70 children, on 28.07.12 from 10.30 am to 01.00 pm at 'Prayas', was invited to have a Story-Session, an interaction with the marginalized and underprivileged children at Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society, Tuglakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi

  • Organized ‘Translation Workshop’ on ‘What to translate – How to translate’ at SNU for the students on 01.05.2014. Resource Person Prof. Harish Narang. JNU New Delhi.

  • Conducted workshop on “Write the right Résumé’ for students at SNU. Facilitating many students by editing their résumé.

Research Assistant, Project: ICMR sponsored project on ‘Finding the Acoustic Correlates of the Articulatory Features in Some Types of Deviant Articulations’, in collaboration with the department of Otolaryngology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, 1991-1993

Field Study: “Socio-linguistics aspects of Kurukh speakers”, Chotanagpur Jharkahnd, India. 1992

Currently working on a Project - 'Documentation of Folktales through Digitization'. The documentation will preserve the folktales that await digitization and revival from few areas of Braj Bhumi, India. Project financially supported by Shiv Nadar University.

Working on: An Anthology of Folktales & folksongs based on the research project, ‘Documentation of Folktales through Digitization’.

Working on: Translation of more than 106 folktales and 26 folksongs (lyrics) from Braj language & Hindi into English.

Basic English Communication Skills Sessions with UG as well as PG students to help the students who require basic communication skills in English language.
Executive Summary
Tulika Chandra has been actively involved in academics and research for the past 19 years. She is a Ph.D (Linguistics) from JNU, she received an M.A and M Phil degree in Linguistics from JNU. She joined SNU as a founding faculty in 2011 and has been actively involved in varied committees and has been the UG advisor for Department of English. She has a firm belief ingender justice. She has held various administrative positions and has been involved as an editor for in-house magazines and newsletters at the previous workplaces. She takes sessions as a story-teller to the young juveniles who are in conflict with law and also to those children who are residing at the various children shelter homes in Delhi. She is also a folklore collector and is working on an active project: 'Documentation of Folktales through Digitization'. Her publications include books, book chapters and articles published in journals. She is in the process of translating folktales and folksongs from Braj language & Hindi into English. She is also involved in transcription and editing folktales for an Anthology. Dr. Chandra has worked on the Project: “Acoustic Analysis of Speech Sounds of Various Cases of Defects”, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi. She was involved in research on the Kurukh Tribals of Jharkhand, Her area of interest is in the field of Translation Studies, Regionalism and Narratives in Folklore, Folkloristics, and English Language Teaching.

She has a background of developing and implementing programs for students who are second-language learners. She has designed and taught courses based on the student needs. She has received the SNU Faculty Excellence Award for outstanding commitment and dedication to the advancement of Shi Nadar University during 2011-14.

She believes in developing innovative ways of classroom teaching so that the students are able to use their knowledge effectively in all walks of life. She aims to make students confident in generating and organizing their ideas in such a way that they become proficient in translating their thoughts into words.
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