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Undergraduate Programs

The university is offering following undergraduate programs

We currently offer a B.Sc.(Research) in Economics and a minor in Economics to students majoring in other disciplines. Our B.Sc.(Research) in Economics program is unique in India. The core strength of the program is drawn from the faculty members it will be taught by, who are active researchers in their respective fields. To the extent possible, our courses include independent research components in the form of term papers, presentations etc. Our B.Sc.(Research) in Economics degree is designed to be comparable to internationally acclaimed programs and combines rigour in training with flexibility in choice. The aim is to produce students who are ready for opportunities in the market: be it jobs in the corporate sector, public sector, non-governmental/social sector or a desire to pursue higher studies in Economics or related disciplines.

At SNU English we seek for our students a strong, world-class degree in literary studies that trains them in a deep and critical engagement with the world around them. We asked ourselves what would make English studies relevant and exciting to students in twenty first-century India as we put together courses that combine traditional literary studies with contemporary perspectives; modules in creative writing with training in academic prose; literary method with methods in philology. Some courses that the department offers are in literary history, renaissance studies, gender and sexuality, crafting of fiction in prose, women’s writing and translation studies. Our faculty members, trained in some of the best universities of the world, are continuously engaged in research and publication. For SNU English, teaching is less about imparting knowledge and more about nurturing students to become active participants in producing knowledge. We offer B.A. and M.A. programs, as well as the Ph.D. program. For more details, please feel free to write to any faculty member or stop by and visit us.

The BA History Major provides students with a basic grounding in the history of South Asia, with the development of skills in research, analysis and quantitative reasoning that are essential to a thorough grounding in the Liberal Arts. Our teaching adopts a seminar-style format with regular tutorials and the syllabus includes a wide range of courses in the history of science and technology, global history and archaeological methods for example, which represent the disciplinary practices of history and archaeology today.

The Department of Sociology at Shiv Nadar University (SNU) aims to train students in a critical awareness of changing social values and practices and their importance in regulating our lives and relationships with others and ourselves. While individual faculty members have varied interests in unfolding contemporary processes – including the study of markets, law, communalism, violence, dispossession, citizenship, media, poetics, visual and material culture, and ecology in diverse urban and rural contexts – the Department as a whole emphasises a critical empiricism that is central to the fieldwork and ethnographic tradition of sociology and social anthropology. Simultaneously, we foreground sustained theoretical training and encourage interdisciplinary work. We are especially committed to exploring the disciplinary processes of ethnographic writing.

The Department is establishing itself as a centre of research and envisions a vibrant masters and doctoral programme that is alive to the plurality of South Asian cultures and societies and welcomes comparative analyses from field sites around the world. At the heart of our Department is a comprehensive undergraduate major, integrated within the larger liberal arts curriculum across the university.

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