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Prof. Deepak Sehgal
Professor and Head
Department of Life Sciences
Natural Sciences Lab
Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences

Life Science is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in science, sound in philosophy and ethics, in agreement with common sense, and successful in practice and a blessing to humankind. In the past 25 years revolutionary landmark inventions have been achieved like organ transplant, cloning of DOLLY, completion of Human Genome Project, gene therapy, Gene chip, Biotech crops and drugs through so called 'red biotechnology'. In order to further improve the quality of life, we prepare our students to face and meet the further challenges by laying their foundation in world class teaching by our faculty that comes from Harvard medical school, Yale university, Rhode Island New York, University of Maryland, Sussex university, CIMAP and AIIMS. We train the students in interdisciplinary areas that include Cancer Biology, Vascular biology, Malaria, Bioinformatics and Chem-informatics, Medical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Drug design and drug development which are the specialization of our faculty. Our state of the art lab match the international standard followed in top notch universities/institutes in the world. Global academic collaborations, that Shiv Nadar University has with University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University will help the students to have a better exposure and understanding, widening the horizon of their development. The industrial collaborations will fill the gaps between the conventional Ph.D. and Industry-ready professions leading them the opportunities of good jobs in academia, industry and the hospitals.

Degree Programs

At present we are offering the degrees in BS Biotechnology, MS Chem-informatics and Bioinformatics, Ph.D. Life sciences/ Biotechnology and Ph.D. Bioinformatics.

Research in life sciences

The research going on in the department of life sciences is multifaceted which includes research in Virology with special emphasis on Hepatitis B and E virus. Focus is to discover the function of structural and non-structural enzymes and test them as drug targets to reduce the viral load. Vascular biology is another major area of interest whereby we are trying to investigate the role of novel molecules involved in camp signaling in tumor and infectious disease models. The discovery of these novel molecules will enable us to design new and improved Nano medicine based drugs for Endothelial Dysfunction in disease conditions.

Another thrust area is oncology which emphasizes the importance of understanding the role of different signal transduction pathways in initiation and progression of different cancers like colorectal, hepatic etc. Since bacterial drug resistance is growing rapidly, we are trying to develop potential drugs as new antibiotics by overexpressing and studying their functionality and replace the resistant antibiotics. We are also trying to answer the question how malarial parasite invades and exits from host erythrocytes and how the signaling machineries are involved in their regulatory role. Another area of research is the use of peptide and heterocyclic conjugated compounds to answer the major question related to the over activation of Protein tyrosine Kinases which are found as the key switches in cancer and other signaling pathway. Apart from this we also have a robust bioinformatics program and we are utilizing novel bioinformatics approaches to develop new biomarker and identification of drug targets. We are also actively recruiting faculty with expertise in a variety of sub-disciplines to provide a diversity of teaching as well as research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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