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The Department of Mathematics at SNU offers programs and courses that embody the interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary nature of the university. Its academic programs provide a solid base both for further studies as well as for careers in industry. There is a great demand for mathematicians in various sectors: investment banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, engineering consultancies, medical research, bioinformatics, software, computer security, and defense. Well trained students are also sought by universities all over the world for their research programs.

The Department of Mathematics offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. A special feature is the integration of hands-on work and research into all our curricula. Other distinguishing characteristics are:
  • Accessibility to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Emphasis on modern computing skills and project work featuring applications to real world problems.
  • Melting of the artificial barriers between pure and applied mathematics and between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Exposure through seminars and online sessions to leading mathematicians, scientists and thinkers from India and abroad.
The faculty members have expertise and varied interests across areas such as functional analysis, harmonic analysis, number theory, representation theory, quantum groups, graph theory, networks, encryption, numerical analysis, differential equations, probability, statistics, mathematical finance, mathematical biology and mathematics education.

Undergraduate Programs

"The undergraduate degree program offered by the Department of Mathematics is BSc (Research) in Mathematics.
  • B.Sc. (Research) in Mathematics with a Mathematics Specialization - on crediting prescribed Mathematics courses relating to specializations such as Mathematical Finance, Applied Algebra and Data Analytics.
  • B.Sc. (Research) in Mathematics with a Minor - on crediting prescribed courses from another department, the student can earn a Minor in that discipline.
In addition, students not majoring in Mathematics can earn a Minor in Mathematics by earning appropriate course credits from our department.

Graduate Programs (MSc and PhD)

Our two-year MSc in Mathematics degree epitomizes SNU's development of innovative offerings that open new avenues for students. Our students will have the training, the exposure, and the creative thinking needed to develop new mathematics and to take on challenges such as detecting cancer, managing financial risk, modeling complex systems, etc. At the same time our students shall be well exposed to the rigour of mathematics. The MSc degree can be used to provide the base for a PhD in pure or applied mathematics, or a career in industry as well as in education.

Students with a Masters qualification can also apply to our PhD program. Our faculty members are actively engaged in research in a variety of fields (examples are listed above). Research is supported by modern computing facilities, subscription to an extensive collection of journals, travel grants, etc. All our graduate students are eligible for generous fee waivers and fellowships.

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