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Welcome to physics department at SNU

Physics is an attempt to understand natural phenomenon, to seek common pattern in diverse situations, to see how the same laws of nature apply in different context. At SNU physics department we are attempting to answer questions ranging from how to design materials leading to novel devices to what are the properties of the Higgs particle. Many of the questions that we address involve close collaboration with biologist, chemists and mathematician. This large sweep of research activities provides an exciting place to learn physics and to join in what Feynman called:

"the greatest adventure the human mind has ever begun."

The SNU Physics Department comprises of faculty members who are equally passionate about their research and teaching. They are keen to bring the excitement of discovery to the classroom and in involving students in their research. Their research interests ranges from nanotechnology to the beginning of the universe. Many of them have worked at some of the leading international research and academic institutions and continue to be involved in collaborative research with these institutions.

The undergraduate program in physics at SNU is designed for a student who either wishes to pursue a research career in physics, or who wishes to use skills of a physicist to understand complex systems ranging from the earth's atmosphere to the human cell. The breadth of these programs, together with the multidisciplinary environment of SNU, will enable a student to engage creatively with problems that transcends the confines of any single discipline.

Highlights of the physics undergraduate program

  • An integrated tutorial and laboratory program that encourages problem solving and exploration.
  • Emphasis on the use of personal computer to apply physics laws to real life problems.
  • Allows student to obtain minor degree in subjects ranging from economics to life- sciences.
  • A strong emphasis on independent research via a year-long undergraduate thesis.

Research and Graduate Program

Physics department at SNU is an active and growing research center focusing in the fields of experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, nano technology and development of novel material for energy and environmental applications, and in experimental and theoretical particle physics. It offers a vibrant and rigorous graduate program drawing on its many strengths:
  • A part of the School of Natural Science (SNS) which encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research activities.
  • Many of the faculty members have worked in some of the leading international research institutes. Some of them are part of large international research collaborations.
  • The department encourages collaborative research with industry and some of the faculty members are exploring joint research programs with leading technological companies.

Research Areas

The research activities are focused on two broad areas of condensed matter physics and particle physics.

Condensed Matter Physics
Particle Physics
Environmental Physics

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