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Postgraduate Programs

The School of Natural Sciences is offering following postgraduate programs

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, SNU, offers a two-year postgraduate degree with the option to exit after one year with a postgraduate diploma. This course of study again epitomizes SNU's development of innovative offerings that open new avenues for students. In today's world, the barriers between mathematics and other disciplines are fast dissolving - but this has not yet significantly affected the way mathematics is taught or experienced in Indian educational institutions. Our students will have the training, the exposure, and the creative thinking needed to develop new mathematics and to take on challenges such as detecting cancer, managing financial risk, modeling complex systems, etc. At the same time our students shall be well exposed to the rigours of mathematics.
The Master's program can be used to provide the base for a PhD in pure or applied mathematics, or a career in industry as well as in education.

  • Eligibility: A Bachelors Degree in Mathematics/Physics/Science or similar background. (Please enquire in case you have a different background.)
  • The first year constitutes a 1-year course in "essential" graduate mathematics. It also features bridge courses that will enable students from diverse backgrounds to make the step to research mathematics. Students may choose to exit after this year with a Postgraduate Diploma.
  • Second year courses at SNU will offer the student a full range of options from pure and applied mathematics - Galois Theory, Differential Geometry, Fourier Analysis, Differential Equations, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Differential Equations, Optimization, Stochastic Processes, etc.
  • The final year features a project that can take various forms - such as a reading seminar in a special topic, or participation in a multi-disciplinary team working on an application of mathematics. Up to 10 students will have the option of transferring to the PhD program of a premier foreign university after completing the first year at SNU. At that university, these students will be initially admitted to the MS program and will be guaranteed financial aid including a full tuition fee waiver.
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics  

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