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Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
  • The Office of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies is responsible for developing and implementing the academic and administrative policies for graduates i.e. managing and coordinating the University's advanced programs of study that lead to the award of a Masters or Doctoral degree.
  • The Office collaborates with the disciplinary schools and departments to institute monitor and sustain University wide standards of teaching and training of graduate and research students.
  • The Office assists schools and departments institute vigorous and rigorous research programs as well as integrate research into classroom teaching at all levels.
  • The development and implementation of policies governing the conduct of all research at the University.
  • Internal oversight and external reporting of SNU's compliance with University wide, national and international academic research policies and regulations.


The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies is the main architect, promoter and supporter of inter- and multidisciplinary research at the Shiv Nadar University. The Dean shall also be responsible for ensuring that the University's advanced degree programs and research meets or exceeds globally accepted standards for their field of study.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies manages and coordinates the University's programs of study that lead to the award of a Bachelors degree.
  • The Office collaborates with the disciplinary schools and departments to institute, monitor, and sustain University wide standards of teaching and training of undergraduate students.
  • Specifically, the Office looks after tasks such as publishing the course catalog, coordinating the CCC offerings, academic advisement, undergraduate timetable and course registrations, conducting examinations, exchange programs and international collaborations.


The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies has the responsibility for developing and implementing the academic and administrative policies pertaining to the undergraduate programs and students of the University, in accordance with the University’s mission to “help students acquire and develop knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities relevant in the 21st Century and beyond”.
Dean of Students' Welfare
  • The Office provides assistance for student in academic as well as extra-curricular initiatives and encourage involvement in campus life.
  • Formulation of campus wide policies, academic and non-academic support services including: out-of-classroom learning services, services for handicapped/disabled members of the campus community and support for minority and economically disadvantaged students also lie with the office of the Dean of Students welfare.
  • The formulation and enforcement of the University's General Code of Conduct and Code for Academic and Student Conduct.


The Office of the Dean of Students' Welfare has the responsibility for developing and implementing the academic and administrative policies of the College. The integration of the academic mission of the University with out of- classroom campus activities will be the responsibility of the Office of Dean of Student Welfare.


The office of the Registrar serves the students, faculty, and staff of the University by performing a wide range of functions related to student records and academic administration.

  • Enhance academic activity by building a world-class, stakeholder-centric support team
  • Provide superior service to all the stakeholders including students, faculty, and staff members
  • Strive to contribute to build a world-class University by developing a Service-Centered Team

Mr. Sudhir Naudiyal is a Post Graduate in Commerce, in Education Management and also has a professional Law degree. With a professional experience of 26 years in educational institutions, he has worked in various capacities including HR, Administration, Legal, and Finance & Accounts. Mr. Naudiyal has proven expertise in handling complex issues involved in running educational institutions, specially related to statutory approval process and compliances within the legal framework; essentially covering all aspects of academic administration. He has worked with the Sushant School of Art & Architecture for 22 years as Deputy Registrar, and with Ansal University, Gurgaon as Joint Registrar and Officiating Registrar for 4 years before joining Shiv Nadar University. In Ansal University he played an important role in a training scheme under NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission), a Government of India initiative of skill development for providing on the job training to unemployed youth.

Sudhir Naudiyal

Functions & Objectives:

  • Provide valuable online and print information resources to improve and develop the learning, teaching and research skills of the University staff and student community.
  • Make access web enabled library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) with all the details of subscribed information resources to all SNU community through remote access/virtual private network.
  • Establish a Private University Library Consortium for providing effective library and information services to all SNU community by maintaining good resource sharing relations with all likeminded Institutions/Universities situated in India.

  • Develop modern knowledge resource center to disseminate the latest information to all faculty and student community of the University
  • Adopt effective online digital innovative policy, encourage lifelong learning and implement the best management practices.
  • Maintain effective national and international resource sharing network relations towards disseminating more value added information services

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