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Curriculum Structure

All programs in the undergraduate curriculum are structured to reflect University’s belief that multi-disciplinary thinking is the key to new discoveries.

The university requires all undergraduate programs to be of at least 120 credit hours of formal coursework. However, individual programs may have higher credit requirements. For example, all engineering majors currently require at least 160 credits. Each program is anchored in Core Common Curriculum (CCC) – a set of courses aimed to expose students to essential practice and knowledge from eight categories. Students are required to choose University Wide Electives (UWE) to help them develop their knowledge in the field of interest that might lead to specialized choice of a Minor. 

While the disciplinary majors help develop expertise in specific subjects; International Context (IC) and Research, Experiential and Applied Learning (REAL) courses provide global perspectives and experience in integrated research. Value, Ethics, leadership, and Service (VELS) provide the philosophical and moral bedrock for future achievement. The successful completion of courses requires credits to be earned in three distributional categories - Major (Area of Study), University Wide Electives (UWE) and Core Common Curriculum (CCC).