What-We-Look-For : Admissions | Shiv Nadar University

What we look for

At Shiv Nadar University, the admissions process is thorough, individualized and multidimensional that attracts the best and the brightest undergraduate candidates selected from the pool of applicants.

Being a multi-disciplinary University that offers a wide range of disciplines with the aim to become one of the leading research-led University, it provides its students the ground to participate in the creation of knowledge, rather than being passive recipients. To achieve this, the admission process includes a thorough evaluation of applicant’s quantitative ability, abstract reasoning, and communication ability through a specially designed scholastic aptitude test (SNUSAT) along with an Academic Proficiency test (APT) to test subject knowledge. The resultant pool of student community reflects diversity in culture, talent and perspectives.


Have Passion for Academic Excellence

The candidate must demonstrate how they have challenged their intellectual potential and exhibit intellectual engagement. We look in you for - your passion for learning, intellectual bent, academic background and your overall potential as a candidate.

Are led by strong values

The University maintains a high bar in the admission of all students – looking not only for your performance in nationwide board examinations or standardized tests, but also your demonstrated potential in leadership, commitment to public service and breadth of your experiences and interests.

Have the zeal for extra-curricular activities and interests

Your application should demonstrate evidence of your interests beyond academics - participation outside the classroom, passion, projects, community involvement and leadership potential.

Have the ability to make positive contribution to the University and Community

Based on a merit-based selection process, the University aims to admit and train the path-shapers of tomorrow. Your application must reflect your strength of attributes and characteristics – the desire to contribute to community welfare and make a positive contribution to the University’s community.

The overall goal of the University’s admissions policy and processes is to maintain the highest standards of qualification while ensuring that the University’s student community is reflective of the diversity of the country’s social and economic environment – a unique blend of meritocracy and egalitarianism.


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