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Is Executive MBA an ideal course for Entrepreneurs?

If you are spending too much time thinking, “Do entrepreneurs need an MBA?”, then the answer is a big no. You do not need a major to start your venture. An MBA program is not the only criteria to be a successful CEO; nonetheless, the degree certainly gives you an edge over your competitors. Not just that, it will also enhance decisions making skills if you wish to build your own start-up. The course has other advantages too. This includes the possibility of higher salary packages. According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), in 2021, people who have successfully achieved an MBA degree are likely to earn $3 million more over a span of 35 years vis-à-vis those with bachelor’s degrees. While that may sound delusional, it could be feasible with the right approach and mindset. (Read More here)




Why Marketing Management is a comprehensive course to excel in any field

A marketing management course is not just about business. It delineates an array of skills that can be advantageous in any field. For example, marketing techniques transcend the business domain and are widely used in many careers. If we talk about outside of a conventional marketing role, individuals often gain profits from knowing the principle values of the sector that bring together people, brands, and commerce. The universal subject teaches the nuances of customers’ behaviour that help in bringing financial gains. It uses diverse data to make wise and insightful business-related decisions. (Read More here)




Debunk the myths about BA in English

BA in English Literature - a 3-year undergraduate course is a renowned and classic subject that enhances strong reading and writing skills. And a budding bibliophile or writer should consider pursuing this course.English is an extensively broad subject. It covers myriad subjects like history, political science, sociology, Feminism, Post-colonialism and literary theory. So, yes, that’s the BA in English literature syllabus. And that’s not it. There’s more to it. The major celebrates the essence of storytelling and educates budding writers to be analytical, creative, think critically, and, most importantly, be imaginative. (Read More here)




Role of B.Sc Biotechnology grads amid constant agricultural & medical changes

Biotechnology centers around a wide range of technologies that use living organisms or parts of them to create healthcare-related products. It largely contributes to diverse fields like Agriculture, Medicine, Flora and Fauna, Environment to produce therapeutic drugs, nutritional essentials, eco-friendly chemicals and materials, and biofuels. In today’s world conscious consumers, biotechnology is more crucial than ever to reduce harmful chemicals and agents to preserve the environment. In a broader sense, biotechnology plays a salient role in human welfare and has transfigured humanity since its initial beginning. The biotechnology field has taken a quantum jump since the beginning of the 1990s. The industry has given birth to leading firms in the medical sector like Celgene, Amgen, Biogen Idec, others. (Read More here)




All About Mechanical Engineering: A Complete Guide

Mechanical engineering is one of the classical forms of engineering that has divulged dynamic and progressive innovations in sectors like automobiles, defence and manufacturing. Notably, with the growth in the education sector, newer and advanced forms of engineering are being developed; nonetheless, most of them have their roots in mechanical engineering. As a result, the discipline has garnered much attention among budding engineers, helping them address critical technical challenges in today’s fast-moving world. (Read More here)




Gain a competitive edge over others. Pursue Ph.D. in Management

In today's world, most employment opportunities in the business management field require a basic business or business-related diploma degree. And to fulfil this criterion, the majority of the job aspirants already have the required degree. Under such circumstances, it is unusual for students to think beyond the lines – to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Management. However, if you choose to stand out from the crowd and wish to gain a competitive edge from the rest of the pack, Ph.D. in Management is the ideal course for you. (Read More here)




Building an entrepreneur mindset for the digital economy. How does Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR help hone your entrepreneur instinct?

Building a new business is not easy. It requires passion, perseverance, and a lot of persistence to set up a business. Today's business world is competitive and in dire need of solving grave societal and business problems, especially in the digital economy. As per World Bank, “Young people, consistently the first to embrace new digital technologies, often seek employment in high-tech sectors and can be critical to developing a skilled workforce that is internationally competitive in an increasingly interconnected world. Further, the digital economy is vital to spurring the overall innovation potential of a country in areas such as research and development (R&D), high-tech industry development, and technology patent activity.” (Read More here)




How does an MBA prepare you for a global career?

Who doesn’t want to have a career that’s not restricted to geographical borders? New-age professionals prefer courses/programs that are globally accepted. This is because they understand the importance of working in the global workplace. Hence, MBA has become one of the most widely pursued courses of all time as the relevance of an MBA is not limited, and its graduates can reap the benefits in any country, unlike some of the other programs. In fact, we live in a time where we have to tread very carefully and choose a career whose relevance never faces any disruption. For example, the ongoing pandemic saw how businesses worldwide collapsed as they lost their relevance. Hence, MBA promises a career whose value will never be diminished and will remain valid irrespective of any turmoil. (Read More here)




How does the School Of Management & Entrepreneurship (SME) foster future-ready global leaders?

No one really knows what the future holds for them. However, the desire to anticipate the upcoming future is comprehensible, especially under the current circumstances. After almost two years of disruption due to the pandemic, education's role has become more crucial than ever. The need of the hour is to train students to be future-ready. Future readiness involves getting ahead of everything instead of just moving at a nominal pace. The need of the hour is also to build up a giant community of global leaders who are ready to stay ahead in aspects like strategy building, technology, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking, amongst others. (Read More here)




How does a multi-disciplinary approach to education enhance learning and prepare students for a multi-faceted world?

In today’s world, where businesses are changing almost every day, it is the responsibility of educational institutes to provide holistic education to students. Furthermore, the holistic approach helps students transfer knowledge and cross-learn multiple subjects simultaneously. Simply put into words: This is what a multi-disciplinary approach to education is all about. It helps students revamp critical thinking, time-management, upscale their communication skills, and improve their research methods. And guess what? You are already close to the recruiter searching for multi-disciplinary talent. (Read More here)




The demand for Data Science And Analytics professionals have reached an all-time high. Here's why.

Though the need for data scientists has always been high across businesses, the ongoing pandemic has stimulated their demand, making this profession reach an all-time high. According to Analytics Insight, by 2025, there will be 137,630 data science job openings in India, rising from 62,793 jobs in 2020. In 2020 and 2021, millions of people lost their jobs across various verticals. Nevertheless, the need for data scientists never saw a dip even when the world was struggling to stay afloat. In fact, the data science job outlook is brighter in a post-pandemic world where future trends need to be predicted to mitigate severe impacts. Enterprise swiftness and cost reduction have become a priority for business leaders. (Read More here)




Why do people pursue Ph.D. degrees?

“The ultimate purpose of economics, of course, is to understand and promote the enhancement of well-being.” - Ben Bernanke.

Every generation has availed the contributions of the most significant discoveries and inventions since ages. The world around us developed many folds because of the numerous breakthroughs in science, mathematics and economics. To maintain a constant flow of money in our economic system, a lot of policies and research go behind that apart from other technical factors. With the uncertainty engulfing us as we move ahead in the future, our country needs more skilled and knowledgeable leaders who can pave new paths. In recent times, the need for qualified and experienced economists has become apparent more than before. The pandemic gave a massive blow to our economy, and skilled economists are needed to overcome these uncertain blows. (Read More here)




Most promising career choices after B.Sc Biotechnology

 “Our world is built on biology, and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology” ― Ryan Bethencourt

Biotechnology has impacted our lives and the health sector tremendously in the past few decades. The evolution in biotechnology has created a scope for innovations in science, government activity, business development, and patient care. The incorporation of biotechnology into our lives has proved beneficial. The government and private-sector industries started to offer incentives for this field. If all of the public and private sectors continue to provide funds for biotechnology innovations, it will positively impact the future of biotechnology. (Read More here)


Few things you probably didn't know about Computer Science Engineering

If we go back into our memory lane, we can recall the days when computers came into our lives and became an instant hit worldwide. At that time, no one would have anticipated that these electronic devices could someday become a lifeline for us. The computers were predicted to be luxurious devices that could be afforded by the privileged class only. However, this misconception changed soon, and as we know now, these devices have become household gadgets for everyone. One can see people from any age group need this device's assistance, from working people to school-going children. (Read More here)


Here's what no one tells you about Marketing Management

The concept of marketing came into the picture during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution lasted between the 18th to 19th centuries, and during this time, a rapid social change took place. These changes were motivated by innovations in the scientific and technological industries. During this period, the purchasing of goods began to be more accessible, and customers got inclined towards this. The mass production of goods also evoked the sense of availability of goods at any time. This created a massive demand for products as more and more people started to rely on ready-made products from shops instead of growing or making them. This naturally opened the doors for mass production of goods which increased the demand for more producers.(Read More here)


Career Prospects After Ph.D. In Computer Science

The modern world runs on machines, computers, and technology. Thinking of life without either of them is almost impossible. In such a fast-paced world, having a nuanced understanding of the subject is critical. Computer Science is one of the most pursued fields in today’s time. While many settle for a B.Tech or an M.Tech, considering they also help you get higher-paying jobs, many prefer going for the research degree— Ph.D. Computer Science. (Read More here)


Why B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering is the most sought-after course today?

B. Tech Computer Science has always been one of the most sought-after course choices among young aspirants. This is because the computer science area branches out into a range of specialisations leading to a host of career paths for B.Tech computer science graduates. Bachelor of technology in computer science and engineering is a four-year undergraduate program that imparts the understanding of a range of practical and theoretical knowledge of computer hardware and software. (Read More here)


Unfolding one of the vast career options: B.Sc Chemistry

Chemistry is what we observe in our daily life. Like technology, chemistry also plays a vital role in our everyday work and environment. From the air we breathe to cultivating fruits and vegetables, everything incorporates chemistry in one or another way. This is the reason why among all the B.Sc courses, B.Sc chemistry is one such course that students, after completing their class 12 find fascinating. B.Sc Chemistry is a three-year undergraduate program that deals with studying matters like inorganic and organic chemistry, composition, properties, and structure of substances. The course also expands the understanding and knowledge of the energy that is observed and realized during the process transforms.. (Read More here)


Why MA in English Literature is a flourishing choice

In a world overloaded with massive information and alternative facts, the potential to read between the lines is more imperative than ever. Therefore, many people today crave to acquire these skills, and studying English literature can equip them with these valuable skills. An MA in English Literature course encapsulates aspirants to analyze words and literary forms and dig deeper into the knowledge of critical literary periods, authors' movements, and texts. MA English Literature is a two-year postgraduate degree program extended by various Arts universities and colleges in India. MA in English imparts education associated with Literary Theory and Criticism, Linguistics, Movements in Literature, Semiotics, and different British literature genres. The best colleges for MA English in India structure their course to provide the aspirants with precise emphasis on American Literature, African or African American English Studies, Commonwealth Literature, British Literature, Indian Writing in English and Methods of Teaching English. (Read More here)


How the evolution in MBA programs help you in shaping your career?

In the contemporary competitive job situation, choosing the finest degree program is an optimum decision to ensure a rewarding career path. Every aspirant desires to get employed at one of the top organizations in the job market immediately after completing their course. In contrast, all the top recruiting organizations expect their employees to be qualified and skilled in all aspects of company affairs, such as managerial skills. Thus, MBA courses are preferred by most aspirants today to make sure that they reach the highest levels of the companies. MBA courses are the world’s most popular professional management degree offering over 2,500 programs worldwide. Thousands of ambitious students and professionals opt for different MBA programs each year. The degree is the stepping stone to C-suite jobs at renowned corporations and germinates entrepreneurs. (Read More here)


BA in History: The study of evolution from foregone to the present time

Enthusiasts who have an urge to learn about the culture and civilization of the ancient era and are immensely fascinated with knowledge about how the past connects to our contemporary world are more likely to make History their career. History is a discipline that encompasses the exciting stories about Ancient India, the Indian National Movement, Freedom Struggles, Nelson Mandela's endeavors to end Apartheid, causes of the French Revolution, Nazi ideology, Hilter's thinking, History of Indian Art, and whatnot. Several courses offer specialization in History. BA History is a course that lets you explore an incredibly diversified journey of events and their accurate backdrops. Bachelor Of Arts specialized in History is an undergraduate program that deals with the evolution of human civilization from ancient to the present times. (Read More here)


Benefits of choosing Mechanical Engineering course

Mechanical engineering course is a versatile course that by some means affects everyone's life. The course helps future engineers design and build products by applying the principles of force, motion and energy; thus, providing technical solutions to several industries’ problems. The study of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering involves engineering concepts to the manufacturing, designing, maintenance and analysis of machines. Furthermore, Mechanical Engineering is a four-year undergraduate degree program that paves your way to a rewarding career that will be a blessing for you and society. Mechanical engineering subjects include mathematics, physics, engineering graphics, theory of mechanics, machine drawing, computer graphics, etc. It will help you enhance your skills in manufacturing, research, and designing equipment, aircraft and other vehicles. (Read More here)


Executive MBA - Designed for busy and ambitious professionals

The world is not the same— not since March 2020. Businesses and human lives faced the biggest disruption in history, changing their course, perhaps forever. Business models, economies, education sector, evolved overnight to stay relevant. One of the biggest transformations that this pandemic saw was the quest among the young workforce to upskill themselves to stay relevant. According to the UN, the COVID crisis will push global unemployment over the 200 million mark in 2022. These troubling statistics remain a worry for people working across sectors that mandated the urgent need to upskill and reskill. Upskilling helps companies build a future-ready workforce, and for individuals, it is a way to keep their skills relevant and future-ready. Employers have traditionally relied on graduates to help close talent gaps and bring new knowledge and skills.(Read More here)


The ABC of Computer Science Engineering

As computer technology takes over the world, there has been a monumental surge in IT jobs. This trend has made computer engineering one of the most sought-after fields globally. Computer Science engineering courses help new-age students thrive in ever-evolving work culture. The ongoing pandemic has also been a stark reminder of the grim reality of how fast work culture can evolve and not all skills can withstand the global disruptions. B.Tech. Computer Science is one such branch where the need for B.Tech Computer Science students will never see a downfall. The reason for this is simple— their skills remain of utmost importance in a world that survives on computers and technology.(Read More here)


Think Beyond The Rat Race. Pursue Ph.D. Computer Science, To Be Different.

The world today is on a rollercoaster that only goes up. Everyone wants to taste success quickly. Everyone wants to have that dream job, house and car even more rapidly. Everyone wants to follow that ‘trend’ that has gained the utmost attention on social media. The sooner it happens, the better. But why? What is the rush? Why can't we just sit and ponder over our direction and not speed? Why can't we go back to the fable story days when the tortoise won the race because of his perseverance and determination, not mad rush and overconfidence?
(Read More here)


Why Has Computer Science Engineering Gained Traction Lately?

Engineering programs in India have always been the first choice for intermediate students citing high earning potential, lucrative job opportunities, commendable exposure and flexibility. As a result, the domain has evolved, with as many as one million young students pursuing engineering courses. According to a report by the Indian Express, engineering is the fourth primary stream in the country, with a skyrocketing 38.52 lakh applicants in several universities (including private and government education institutes).(Read More here)


Understand The Geopolitical World A ‘Little’ Differently By Doing A Simple Public Policy Course

There seems to be a solid exhilaration among today's Indian graduates. And why should not that be? They give their almost 18 years of sweat to enter the big professional world. Students in India may embark on a prosperous journey by entering the labor market. However, keeping certain things in mind as they enter the complex space is important. Today's labor market seeks diligent and tech-savvy talent that can adapt to any changes pushed by automation or COVID-19 outburst.(Read More here)


Post-Covid Recovery: The Best Time To Do An MBA. Know About MBA Admission.

As the Indian economy shows signs of recovery from the pitfalls of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate recruiters are back in the game to hire management graduates, this time with premium salaries and incentives. The pandemic may have negatively impacted businesses, but now it is about looking at the larger picture. Hence, companies are employing future-ready management graduates with outstanding communication skills, swift learning capabilities and a hardworking attitude to meet work deadlines.(Read More here)


Perks Of M.A. In English. Breaking The Stereotypes.

Do you remember your graduation day? When you finished your Bachelor's degree, you sensed a ‘proud’ moment. That beautiful feeling when you realise your hard work paid off. But at the same time, you have been struck by another feeling. "Shall I study further, or is it time for me to hit the professional world?". If you choose to study further, doing a master's in your area of study will serve you gold (more than what you expected).(Read More here)


Here’s Your Gateway To Study Science, Sustainability And Sensitivity | Biotech Course

Do you remember your graduation day? When you finished your Bachelor's degree, you sensed a ‘proud’ moment. That beautiful feeling when you realise your hard work paid off. But at the same time, you have been struck by another feeling. "Shall I study further, or is it time for me to hit the professional world?". If you choose to study further, doing a master's in your area of study will serve you gold (more than what you expected).(Read More here)


B. Sc. In Economics: Serving India’s Need For More Economists

Today, Biotech courses have emerged as one of the most chosen courses among youngsters who want to experiment with the modern components of science. But many wonder how they will build a career in this newly-emerging field? Well, the options are limitless after a B.Sc. Biotechnology. You can explore sustainable farming, medicine, textile and manufacturing, food processing, environmental protection, cosmetics and clothing, and much more.(Read More here)


Mid-Senior Professionals, It’s Time To Pull Up Your Socks! | Executive MBA

There was a time when market managers were only asked to take care of their clients, keep track of their squad and bring maximum business to their organization. Then came the deadly virus (COVID-19) that bewildered the business industry, and everyone was asked to do everything. American singer Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin song was taken way too seriously. From handling clients to team members, and managing content to google analytics, a mid-senior level professional was compelled to do everything. (Read More here)


With the continuous growth of start-ups, our country is on the verge of becoming a hub of entrepreneurs. Interestingly, most start-up founders in the country are youngsters who have successfully put their ideas into reality and grabbed the best opportunities in today's versatile market. But how did they achieve all this at a tender age? By being constantly motivated, improving problem-solving skillsets, having the right mindset to start a venture, building patience, and the desire to achieve the best. (Read More here)


COVID-19 gave us many pitfalls. But it also made us realize the existing loopholes in our system. It made us realize how constantly we were taking the planet earth and its resources for granted. Two years have passed now. The picture has changed in the last two years. People have become aware of what they wear, eat and drink. They have also become aware of their "bad" fashion habits. Because if consumers do not alter their fashion habits in the coming years, mother earth will horrify us with another disaster. (Read More here)


India is the fastest-growing country, with a population of more than 1.5 billion people. The country also has the most extensive education sector with a massive network of over 850 varsities and somewhat 40,000 higher academic institutions. According to statistics, by May 2021, the number of varsities in India stood at 981. However, despite the big numbers, the country lacks well-qualified education facilitators. It lacks experienced staff at positions like associate professors, ad-hoc, and contractual employees. (Read More here)


Today, marketing management courses have gained popularity in India and abroad. Let us trace its reasons and sudden upsurge. The business management field mainly deals with managing daily business tasks at any organisation. Also, with the growing start-up and e-commerce culture, every business today needs to be managed strategically and efficiently, keeping profitability in mind. There is where marketing management experts come in. They organize, plan and examine a firm's marketing plan using accurate market knowledge, usually attained through research and surveys. (Read More here)


Learn To Discover With A B.Tech In Mechanical Engineering Degree

Do intriguing successful stories of NASA inspire you, or do you spend time reading about great discoveries made by SpaceX? Have you always manifested being a part of such great scientific discoveries? Well, such dreams may come true; however, you need to know more apart from being just awe-struck by these stories and discoveries. To get into all this, you must also comprehend the complexity and importance of such gigantic projects and organisations. Great discoveries do not have to happen frivolously. It requires ample workers who take charge of programming, safety, and security. It also requires an innovative and strategic workforce who can design, manufacture, and install elements that will make the discovery successful and worth being shared. (Read More here)


Go For A B.Sc In Economics Degree To Get India Out Of The COVID-19 Doom Loop

Do intriguing successful stories of NASA inspire you, or do you spend time reading about great discoveries made by SpaceX? Have you always manifested being a part of such great scientific discoveries? Well, such dreams may come true; however, you need to know more apart from being just awe-struck by these stories and discoveries. To get into all this, you must also comprehend the complexity and importance of such gigantic projects and organisations. Great discoveries do not have to happen frivolously. It requires ample workers who take charge of programming, safety, and security. It also requires an innovative and strategic workforce who can design, manufacture, and install elements that will make the discovery successful and worth being shared. (Read More here)


Invest In B. Sc Physics And See How Science Serves You Gold

Almost everything around us uses energy in some way or the other. For example, our automobiles, airplanes, and cars burn fuel, our laptops use electronic sources and Internet connections, and our wireless devices function on cellular signals. Similarly, with more of our expanded capabilities and scientific evolution, there are other new forms of energy: nuclear power or auxiliary energy sources like fossil fuels or hybrid power systems. Finally, of course, there is physics involved in all of this. We focus deeply on energy while learning Physics. How? Physics is the study of matter and energy, and it centralises on the forces influencing matter: gravitation, torrid, light, magnetism, electricity, etc. (Read More here


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering: Your Gateway to Academics & Research

In the world of quick success, students these days are mostly gratified with regular educational degrees. However, there is the other half, and they do not settle for less. On the contrary, they like to grapple with modern complexities to test their capabilities and pull off greater heights. And Ph.D. or research-based education is a course for these individuals. Therefore, the five-year program is considered one of the most significant and the highest grade in the category of educational qualifications. And as they say, good things do not come easy and without effort—especially the one that demands perseverance, patience, and zeal. (Read More here)