Our Indoor Sports Complex houses four squash courts, eight badminton courts, four TT tables, among other facilities


Sports and extracurricular activities are an integral part of learning and growth for students and faculty on campus. With world-class infrastructure on campus and highly qualified coaches, the sports department works to create and sustain a strong sports culture.

At Shiv Nadar University, you have ample opportunities to achieve a healthy body and a nourished mind. You have access to many activities of your choice and try out some new ones. A 100,000-sq. feet grand Indoor Sports Complex stands as a milestone in creating a rich culture of physical activity on campus and develop competitive skills.

The University prides on having a very active Shiv Nadar University Sports League (SNUSL). The league is the result of the efforts of sports enthusiasts on Campus. It is one of the most exciting year–round sports activities, where six clubs compete in eight different games to win the coveted sports trophy. Besides, events such as Yogathon; University’s cross-country run; power lifting; and open tournaments happen throughout the year and keeps the campus busy - thriving in health and high spirits.

Students Playing Basket Ball at SNU
Students Playing Cricket at SNU
4th International Yoga Day at Shiv Nadar University
4th International Yoga Day at Shiv Nadar University
Getting Involved in the SNU Sports and Games Program

Shiv Nadar University’s sports and games encompass comprehensive programs that incorporate many activities during an academic year. Activities available to students include indoor and outdoor sports such as Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Carom, Football, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Yoga, Aerobics and many other worthwhile recreational choices.

At the University, complete guidance and encouragement is given to students who wish to undertake the sports programs in order to take advantage of the opportunities being offered. This eclectic mix of activities gives us a vibrant atmosphere and provides our students the opportunity to become risk takers, make lasting friendships, develop technical skills and passion beyond the academic schedule. This is what makes us special. Besides the mainstream sports, the sports committee also hosts many innovative, fun and inter-university events at the annual festival.
There is also the Shiv Nadar University Sports League (SNUSL) which was born on campus out of the desire to create a healthy competitive sports culture. The league created a campus spirit infused with excitement for competitive sports; positive action and spirited engagement. The League comprises of six teams and year–round sports activities, in which the teams compete in eight different sports games to win the coveted sports trophy. The SNUSL consists of the following teams - Skylarks, Shadows, Silver Hawks, Flying Dutchmen, Supersonics and Titans.

Sports Facilities

The University boasts of an illustrious sporting tradition alongside its excellence in education. The campus has state-of-the-art sports facilities and a strong student base interested in and enthusiastic about the sports activities; which not only maintains a healthy balance in the study and active sports life but has also set a tradition of some of the flagship sports events at the University.

One of the major highlights at the University campus is the state-of-the-art Indoor Sports Complex which has been nominated at the prestigious NDTV's Design & Architecture Awards during its fifth edition. It is a visually cracking facility that also provides students with access to the best athletic resources at par with international standards anywhere in the world. Our celebrated complex houses four Squash courts, two Climbing walls, two Basketball courts, eight Badminton courts, four TT tables, a Carom room, a Yoga room, a Gym, a Students' Activity area and a Classroom. The campus also houses three synthetic Basketball outdoor courts, two outdoor Badminton courts, Cricket ground, Football field, two Lawn Tennis courts, two Volleyball courts and more.

SNU Basketball Match
Students Playing Chess at SNU
SNU Cricket ground
Students Playing Badminton at SNU
Students Playing Tennis at SNU
Students Playing Table Tennis at SNU
Students Playing Vollyball at SNU
Students Playing Foot Ball at SNU