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To support its engaging academic mission, Shiv Nadar University encourages and underlines the importance of a vibrant, stimulating, engaged, open and respectful campus culture. It provides resources needed to organize and pursue a range of academic and recreational interests.

The University gives you an opportunity for life; training; access to resources; people and expand your circle of like-minded friends. In short, your time at the University is a time of self-discovery. The environment nurtures the process of learning and development of character by providing a cultural milieu in which you can enjoy the freedom to express and engage in intellectual debates, develop your talents and interests, challenge conventional wisdom and experiment with new modes of thinking and doing. The University provides you a truly cosmopolitan experience.

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Student Council

The Student Council at the University has been established to communicate student convictions clearly and wilfully to faculty, administrators, and the Board, and thereby contribute towards the formulation of policies keeping in mind the uniqueness of the University. The Council works with the entire Shiv Nadar University family to ensure that all students reach full academic, social and spiritual potential with the resolve to sustain and nurture the spirit of Shiv Nadar University. The members feel that being part of the decision-making process, they learn as to how best serve the demands of an evolving democracy and to make effective and efficient use of the resources available.

Shiv Nadar University - Student Council follows a presidential system of democracy with four executive positions, viz. President, Vice-President, Secretary and Sports Secretary with a full-fledged Senate.

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Student Performing at SNU
Cultural Clubs & Technical Societies

The vibrant culture at the University has led to the genesis of over thirty diverse student societies with a blend of art, music, dance, photography and much more. As a student you have an opportunity to widen your horizon, expand your talent and construct souvenirs that you can cherish by engaging in one of University’s well-orchestrated and student-run technical societies; captivating cultural clubs - music, theatre, dance etc., talent nurturing groups such as photography, cooking, crafts or a social activity ventures by engaging in projects related to rural education, environmental initiatives etc. Beyond the classrooms, you can explore an exciting opportunity to be elected to the executive council of the club as a freshman coordinator. What’s more! If you do not see a society of your interest yet on the list, you can plan one, take initiative, form a team and get going to nurture your interests further.

The music society that unites the campus with its beats and notes; promotes all genre of music; and caters to musicians and fans.

Through the society, the University students have an encouraging platform and opportunity to showcase their talent through various competitions and extracurricular events; compose different types of music; record and mix music.  The society comprises of a fusion band; an instrumental group; heavy metal band; Capella group; Carnatic progressive rock band and Orchestra.

Established in 2011 the music club represented SUITE at various effects at KIT Delhi, BITS, KIT BU etc. and brought home many awards.

One of the largest clubs at the University is the photography club with around 120 members passionate about photography and movie making.

The club provides a platform for the budding photographers to explore their talent. Photo walks and, workshops are some of the regular features of the club. Besides, conducting an annual photo exhibition, ‘Revivus’, the club also organizes in – house tutorials for students to learn new skills.  

Since its inception 2011, the club has covered events at the University and made promo videos for the University annual festival, Breeze.

Quizzing is not TRIVIA, It is not as much about the hard disk as it is about the Processor.

Established in 2011 the quizzing society has ever since conducted many events and won inter – University award. 

FACTion is designed to churn your brain and make you think about the ability to connect and not memorize the facts. It is about the art of deduction.  

The society has three levels of membership,

1. Kryshas, These are freshman level coordinators

2. Legends, The group that conducts topic specific quizzes on a smaller level

3. Bratva, The core organizing committee of FACTion

The dramatics society is one of those guilds which colligate the term drama to the real life. Providing a platform to the drama enthusiasts; Imprints is about expressing. Established in 2011, the society presents a bunch of amazing events and one mega flagship event, round the year, from stage plays to nukkad nataks, from mimes to stand-up comedy acts.

The University MUN Society, in the plethora of events it organizes, combines a love for international affairs, a fire for vociferous debate and the innate wish to make the world a better place. In the perfect amalgamation of research, debate and policy making, the MUN Society conducts an intra-University conference, workshops on MUN procedure, discussion series on relevant international happenings, as well as other events like simulation of real-time crises, historic committees set at the time of the World Wars, committees set in fictional lands like Westeros, etc.

Established in 2012, the SNU Model United Nations Society (MUNSOC) brings a comprehensive understanding of general affairs, excellent research skills, unchallenged debate and most importantly, the innate desire to better the world.

AURA is a not for profit education society that contributes to the development of students in the age group of 8 to15 years. The University students across disciplines get the platform to contribute their bit to the overall development of children in nearby places who do not have the access to education and other resources for their development due to lack of finances, proper guidance or discouragement from the family. To address such issues, the core team of AURA with the support of the University administration selects a government school near to the University; the volunteers teach these children basic subjects such as English, Science, Hindi and Health, Safety and Environment.

The Aura team believes in, Going ahead, Engrossing themselves in their endeavors and, Giving back to the society in their own little way.

The only limit to creating art is one’s imagination’, in this sense, motion pictures have irrevocably been one of the greatest medium of storytelling since its advent at the dawn of the early twentieth century. CineU is the film society at the University, which work towards appreciating and evolving the divine art of cinema. The weekends are thus, dedicated towards screening movies, discussion on topics and theme of filmmaking and appreciating the world of cinema. The society also hosts, film festivals and other events in collaboration.

Move; inspire; express, the dance society was established in 2011 and is one of the largest society on campus.

Regular dance workshops; student – mentor program dance practices are some of the regular features of the society. Events are conducted to tap student talent; to express through dance. At Inferno, the philosophy is to express through dance and dance until the very end, until we are the best dancers we could possibly be.

Inspiria, the corporate society of the University was born out of immense and immediate need of the club that could enable students to get a glimpse of the amazingly complex and more often than not intriguing world of business and entrepreneurship. The main motive of the club is to act as a bridge between the campus and corporate life.

Inspiria is all about learning to work with people to create and/or implement something amazing. Inspiria is about teamwork and innovation.

Kalakriti, the creative society at the University that provides the platform to enhance creativity and savor the joy of exploration. The club brings together the performers, artists across age, culture, and discipline to interact and work together.

Established in 2011, the society inspires to think and explore differently. Some of the popular events organized by Kalakriti are Katputliyaan, Artilicious, Abstractify, Fashion fiesta.

The Mythology and Folklore Club is a student initiative to explore and understand through the lens of history, culture, and stories of old. The club opens the way to discuss, compare and unfold the nuances of different cultures based on readings experience.

Sigree is the culinary club at the University aimed to spice up the palate through food. The club named 'Sigree’ that comes from Devanagari, meaning iron vessel holding charcoal fire over which food is cooked slowly and to perfection. In olden times, this technique was used to cook food over a slow fire while the group enjoys a long conversation. 

The club comprises of cooks, foodies, and tasters and aims to teach students some food hacks; tips to upgrade cooking skills and promote activities around food on campus.


The queer collective is an initiative by the students of the University to bring the queer community into the mainstream society, and bring awareness about their presence and contributions to society. It is an open space for the discussion of issues related to gender and sexuality through the means of series of presentations, screenings, discussions, workshops and activities.

SPIC MACAY, Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth, is a voluntary youth movement which promotes Indian classical music, dance, and culture. SPIC MACAY society aims to promote Indian classical music and arts amongst the students, faculty and other members of the University community.

Established in 2011, till date the society has successfully conducted 14 events which included performances of various dance forms, music, folk art, puppet show etc. by eminent personalities who have been bestowed with prestigious honors and accolades such as Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri.

Stimulus is a discussion forum and beyond.  It is a platform for students to freely express opinions and exchange ideas about any topic.

Since its inception in 2014, the club has hosted various discussions moderated by students and faculty bringing a different set of ideas under one umbrella. As a part of the club, Career 1.0 is a series of talks conducted for the freshmen, by the final year students where they share their experience about their respective field of study. This platform also serves to bridge the gap between the final year students and juniors. Career 2.0 series invites the alumni, to talk to other students about the competitive exams and future professional opportunities. Lecture series also includes talks by faculty members from across departments, to share on topics of interest to the University community.

Established in 2016, TEDx Club on campus is about talking and sharing innovative ideas through alternate mediums such as art, music, dance etc. The club is a brainchild of four freshmen who believed in the principle of spreading ideas, nurture a culture of professionalism, discover, create and share new knowledge to serve the community on campus.   

The club has also launched their own blog, ‘Kaleidoscope’ as an attempt to promote innovative thinking and encouraging a progressive outlook which can be found in this link. Some of the ways to connect with the club are Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

Words.Ink, the literary and spoken arts society is envisioned as a forum for students to discuss and pursue their literary interests freely. The society is actively working towards its goal of generating and nurturing interest in literature and language among students.

The society compliments technical education by providing a platform that encourages discussions and activities for literature enthusiasts. The society organizes various literary activities and events within the campus and also facilitates participation of the members in the events organized by other Institutions

Campus Caravan is an independent student-run e-newspaper of the University. Launched in March 2016, the student-run enterprise provides a platform for all SNUites to voice their opinion and present their creativity through writing.

The robotics club is an innovator's paradise; it innovates and develops new projects; experiments with the latest trending technologies, and offers indispensable guidance, workshops, and tutorials along with tools, equipment, components, and workspace.

The free-spirited enthusiasts founded the adventure club at the University to nurture the spirit of ‘carpe diem’ or ‘seize the day’. It creates awareness about and organizes adventure activities such as river rafting, mountaineering, climbing, and travel.  The club instills in its activities, the opportunity to participate, develop team spirit, self-esteem, and most of all courage to embark upon the adventure of adulthood and thirst for the unknown.

The ACM Chapter is the Computer Science Society at the University. The Society organizes events; competitions; practice sessions research talks by professionals from academia and industry.  It also facilitates tutorials on technical subjects and other computer science outreach activities on campus.

The Chapter activities aim to promote appreciation of the intellectual richness of the discipline and develop professional skills in the student community.

ASME chapter at the University was founded by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. A non-profit organization that was formed with an aim to provide a platform to professionals in varied fields to interact, find solutions, innovate and design engineering marvels.

ShilpKulam is the Mechanical Engineering Society that creates the platform for active faculty-student interaction; creates awareness about different industry-oriented topics through workshops and lectures. The society actively participates inter-level competitions across various colleges.

SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India. The society works with an aim to ​unite scientific and technical staff to provide a platform for free academic discussions, work for the cause of prospering the science and technology for automotive vehicles and to make contributions to modernizing the automotive industry.

IEEE Geo-Code Shiv Nadar University Student Branch was established in February 2015, under IEEE Region-10 - STB17081, consisting of around undergraduate and graduate students with few members of the faculty. Ever since the students of the society have participated in many workshops and prestigious competitions and won several accolades.

Orion is the Civil Engineering Society established in 2013 with a mission to provide a platform for students to exchange information and knowledge, Access information and utilize internet as a tool for growth; Promote scientific and educational activities towards Civil Engineering; Encourage and assist students and bring to them the lastest modern applications of Civil Engineering and related sciences.

The House of Habers or H2O is the Chemical Engineering Society that promotes and provides members with adequate support to enable them to undertake and disseminate their research; attend conferences, workshops and enhance their professional skills. One of the key objectives of the Society is to focus on industry visits, guest lecturers on campus, organize conferences, workshops, and training. It acts as a platform for society members and industry to collaborate. 

Genesis - In search of the undiscovered      

Genesis, the Life Sciences Society was founded in October 2015 with an aim to inculcate and disseminate relevant scientific knowledge through an interactive medium. It acts as a platform for Scientists, Students from backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate and discuss on recent advances in research. Students are encouraged to explore numerous scintillating branches of the biology; engage in questions related to life sciences and network.

The Physics Society of Shiv Nadar University, founded in 2015, aims to develop scientific temper among the budding physicists of the university. The society provides a common platform for all the physics enthusiasts to discuss subjects of common interest. It also invites renowned national and international academicians and researchers to the campus for enriching scientific temperament within and outside SNU. The society regularly organizes lectures, colloquiums, sky-gazing events, talks, tours and publications in its mission to motivate students to build a healthy scientific temper.

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined

Feeding India chapter of Shiv Nadar University FI SNU is a non-profit Initiative run by the students of SNU. It is the offspring of the NGO: Feeding India, which is a youth run not for profit organization that works to end Hunger and Malnutrition. It falls within the archetype of the 21st century NGO with the model which seeks to marry low-cost technological innovation with youthful exuberance to tackle the age-old problems of food wastage and Hunger. This model was developed not for the purpose of charity but as a sustainable and long-term intervention with space provided to each chapter.

FISNU arranges regular visits to different poverty struck places across the city to distribute meals to the children and get to know their lives in detail. FISNU also conducts intra-university events with the aim to gather concerned people and motivate them towards the path of eradication of social problems.

Reach us at facebook.

Entrepreneurship Cell, Shiv Nadar University is a student-run technical and business society that promotes Entrepreneurship and budding Entrepreneurs in the campus. The club conducts events that inculcate 'Problem Solving' and 'Entrepreneurial' culture on the campus. The events include Workshops, Speaker sessions, competitions and various fun events that help budding entrepreneurs as well as those who are interested in taking the 'path less traveled'.

Totem Pole is the student led society of the Department of Sociology. Although Sociology is an academic discipline, the aim of this society is to highlight the possibility that it need not remain hermetically sealed. The discipline itself encourages those involved in its study to observe, ruminate and ask an endless stream of questions about the social lives of man. Taking inspiration from this idea, our society, apart from giving students a forum to discuss and deliberate upon sociological themes, it also hopes to bring students and faculty out by facilitating conversations across the board on a less formal platform. Through various events, activities, workshops and discussions, our aim is to add to the culture of this university by spreading different kinds of knowledge and stirring people’s curiosity. The idea is to spread new kinds of thinking about the world we live in and to see as far and deeply as we can. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to know more.

The Economics Society of SNU, brings together students interested in engaging with the world of economics and finance at large. By conducting budget discussions, policy debates, and many more events, we intend to make the study of economics accessible to everyone in SNU albeit in a fun way. Through both in campus events and inter-college fests, The Economics Society aims to develop economic knowledge, policy analysis, and healthy discussions a routine part of everyone's lives. 

The Mathematics Society is a departmental society which aims to make mathematics accessible to everyone through seminars, workshops, and games. It frequently organizes student, faculty and guest seminars. Moreover, it trains final year students for the mathematics section in GATE and conducts sessions in solving problems from the Madhava Mathematics Competition and the Putnam Competition. SNUbik’s, the Cubing Club of SNU, also falls under the aegis of The Mathematics Society and holds Rubik's Cube solving workshops twice a semester.