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One of the flagship programs of Career Development Center (CDC) is the Mentorship Program, offered to the student in their final year of graduation. Used as one of the tools for students to develop competency and gain experience, a team of up to three students or mentees are aligned to Industry leaders from various companies to get trained on domain knowledge and skills through a project based assignment.

The Mentorship Program invites on board senior industry professionals in the leadership position with a minimum of 15 years of work experience, excellent academic and professional skills and who are passionate to contribute towards the development of students. These committed and seasoned industry professional from across domains embark upon a yearlong engagement with the students facilitated by the Center for Career Development (CDC). The Center offers a wide variety of mentorship services to its students. Once the student sign-up for the mentorship program, the Center carefully evaluates the interests and career aspirations of the students and match them with prospective mentors in the relevant industry.


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