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Welcome to Shiv Nadar University International Partnerships

International Office


Shiv Nadar University believes in the age-old Indian philosophy that is exemplified in the Sanskrit word for a University – ‘Vishwavidyalaya,’ literally meaning a global school. We believe that we cannot be a world-class university without having a global outlook. We also believe that the creation of new knowledge at the university campuses...

Our Vision

To prepare students to become global leaders with a universal outlook and to help them embrace, imbibe and assimilate fundamental unity of core human values as well as understand and appreciate the diversity across the geographies, societies, and cultures.

Our Mission

Shiv Nadar University is a leading global university engaged in inter- and multi-disciplinary research. The mission of the international office is to:
1. Empower students to experience and exercise universal freedoms through the acquisition and application of knowledge with the whole world as their playground;
2. Help the academic community expand the scope of human understanding and contribute to the betterment of the world by mutual exchange of people and ideas;
3. Serve the higher education needs of India and the global community.

Our Core Values

1. Appreciate diversity, different ways of living and lifestyles
2. Discover new insights by way of exchange of ideas
3.  Collaborate and create mutual understanding
4. Understand the universality of human experiences and challenges
5. Create global solutions to global problems
6. Co-exist symbiotically  

Our Functions

1. Interacts and engages with foreign institutions, embassies, Indian missions abroad, not-for-profits etc.

2. Works to create opportunities for SNU students such as study abroad, international work experience, internship, service projects, volunteering etc. and finding ways to make study abroad affordable and without loss of time to graduate.

3. Facilitate admissions of international students to various programs offered by the university

4. Identifies potential partners abroad, identifying areas of mutual interests and formalizing the partnerships for joint research, student and staff mobility

5. Identifies the sources of international research funding and targeting of efforts towards getting such grants.

6. Assists students’ build their profiles, enhance competitiveness and to increase the number of applications for international scholarships (Rhodes, Fulbright, Commonwealth, DAAD, Erasmus+, Humboldt, Gates, Schwarzman etc.)

7. Engages with alumni community to further the internationalization objectives of the University.

8. Promotes diversity and inclusion, creates and sustains a friendly and welcoming campus environment for international students, faculty, and staff

9. Provides pre-departure and post arrival logistic support to exchange students, faculty and staff

10. Facilitates and organizes joint workshops, short programs, summer schools

11. Advising and language support: Advising international students and study abroad options to SNU students

12. Other support services such as financial planning, work/internship opportunities, student life, insurance support etc.

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Prof. Partha Chatterjee
Dean of International Partnerships