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Shiv Nadar University welcomes students and faculty from all over the world to participate in knowledge creation with our unique research intensive, multidisciplinary, student-centric program and be partners in learning, discovery and innovation. Through our international program, the University aims to create a safe, diverse and open environment for the expression, understanding and acceptance of various kinds of individualities, intellectual discourses and perspectives to promote creation of knowledge beyond boundaries. Our continued shared experiences with our international students and partners have imparted the University with a global outlook making every individual involved an active global citizen.

Our vision has enabled the SNU campus to become a vibrant, peaceful place of exchange of not only ideas but also culture among people of different nationalities and ethnicities. With an immensely diverse student body, we strive to give our international students the best of opportunities, immersing them in an inclusive environment that makes them feel at home. Through our academic courses, extracurricular activities and cultural programs, we allow our students to learn, engage, connect and build lasting relationships.

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