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Format: Saturday, December 7, 2019
26 Nov 2019

FOOTBALL SNUSL 2019-20, was organized at Football Ground, SNU by Department of Physical Education along with Sports Committee. The tournament took place over 5 days from 21th to 25th November 2019...

25 Nov 2019

Moqsh, the School of Management and Entrepreneurship's (SME), business and management fest, was held at the Shiv Nadar University campus for its fifth edition this year, on November 23 and 24....

19 Nov 2019

SNUSL Boys Basketball league 2019, the finals was played on 18/11/2019 organized by the Department of Physical Education along with sports volunteers. All four clubs BULLS, PHEONIX, PANTHERS,...

18 Nov 2019

SNUSL TENNIS was organized from 12th to18th November 2019 by the Department of Physical Education along with sports volunteers. All four clubs BULLS, PHEONIX, PANTHERS, FALCONS participated in the...

18 Nov 2019

Besides providing an active sports program Department of Physical Education organized SNU Recreational Gully Cricket Tournament on 16th & 17th November 2019. The entire event gained momentum...