Goal of higher education cannot be to mimic robots, says Dr. Ghosh in interview to Times of India

21 Aug 2018

In a Q and A style interview with the numero uno English publication of India, Times of India, Shiv Nadar University's vice-chancellor Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh talked about a variety of subjects pertaining to education.

In what sent out an important message, she was quoted to be saying, ‘Goal of higher education cannot be to mimic robots'.

She also said, 'School, college and university knowledge can’t skirt the issue of livelihood. People are worried about ‘the future of work’ and how the digital world is going to take away jobs, from even the ‘smart’ ones. The livelihood issue that our country is facing, starting with the farmers, has to become a part of our education. We are producing graduates who cannot find jobs and livelihood today but are worrying about the future of work, which is based on a phobia for digitisation. This fear is also present with graduates who feel nervous that they will lose their jobs because of digitisation'. 

You can read the entire freewheeling interview here - https://bit.ly/2OFJsMs

Meanwhile, Economic Times, the country's number one business publication, also printed the interview (giving it a catchy title - "Why are so many young Indians unemployable and what's the way forward? A varsity boss explains") whose link can be found here - https://bit.ly/2nqr5yt

(Picture courtesy - Times of India)