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Books & Book Chapters

The vibrancy of research programs at the University is accentuated by the high - quality publications including books, book chapters and scientific papers, research articles, creative write-ups published by the faculty members from Schools, Centers and Institutes.

Title of the Book / Chapter Published Author Publisher Name ISBN Number Year of Publication
Lignin-Based Phenols: Potential Feedstock for Renewable Benzoxazines Shukla S., Lochab B. Elsevier Inc. 9780128041857; 9780128041703 2017
Cardanol-Based Benzoxazines and Their Applications Shukla S., Yadav N., Lochab B. Elsevier Inc. 9780128041857; 9780128041703 2017
Detoxification of mercury: Bioremediation to chemical degradation Banerjee M., Karri R., Muthuvel K., Chalana A., Roy G. CRC Press 9781498762434; 9781498762427 2017
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) based magnetic hyperthermia: Apromising therapy in cancer treatment Maity D., Kandasamy G., Sudame A. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 9781536109313; 9781536108965 2017
Energetics, atomic structure, and magnetics of rare earth-doped GaN bulk and nanoparticles Kumar V., Zavada J.M. Elsevier Inc. 9780081000601; 9780081000410 2016