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Graduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Polymorphism in Bioactive Molecules

Department of Chemistry
Polymorphism in Bioactive Molecules

Study of real world chemical networks using random matrix theory and graph measures

Department of Chemistry, Physics, Center for Informatics
Study of real world chemical networks using random matrix theory and graph measures

Application of electron density-based analysis in the study of nanoclusters and biomolecular interactions

Department of Chemistry, Center for Informatics
Ab initio methods, specifically density functional theory (DFT) based methods, can be used to elucidate the structures and properties of small nanoclusters. Our research further focuses on utilizing electron density as a tool for... read more

Novel oxidative strategies to access diverse nitrogen heteroarenes

Department of Chemistry
Broad Overview: By their ubiquitous presence in nature and as pharmaceutical drug candidates, nitrogen containing heteroarenes have become immensely important for both medicinal and synthetic organic chemists. In this project... read more

Small Signal and Large Signal field analysis of linear beam travelling wave amplifier for dielectric supported tape helix slow wave structures

Department of
Richards Joe Stanislaus, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering, SoE; Faculty Advisor – Dr. G. Naveen Babu The homogeneous boundary value problem existing in the electromagnetic wave propagation in a dielectric-... read more

Screening of small molecules against malaria parasite

Department of
Vijeta Sharma, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Life Sciences, SoNS;  Faculty Advisor – Dr. Shailja Singh; Co-Advisor – Dr.Subhabrata Sen Malaria still remains one of the world’s most devastating diseases and is a major... read more

A Sociological Investigation of Pain Medicine and Pain Clinics in India

Department of
Kaur Bhangu, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Sociology, SoHSS; Faculty Advisor – Dr. Deepak Mehta This is an ethnographic research on the emergence of pain medicine in India. The study focuses on medical therapeutics of chronic... read more

Essays in Economics of Education

Department of
Chandan Jain, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Economics, SoHSS; Faculty Advisor – Dr. Ashokankur Datta; Co-Advisor – Dr. Shampa Bhattacharjee The research comprises of the following three independent chapters, these... read more