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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of A Molecular Library, Analysis of Molecular Diversity Through Network/Graph Measures and Correlation with Biological Activity Profile(s)

In this thesis, we examined the concepts of molecular similarity / dissimilarity and the growth of Diversity Oriented... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. N. Sukumar

Co-Faculty Advisor: Dr. Subhabrata Sen, FRSC

Student Name: Ganesh Prabhu

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Chemistry

Design, Development, Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Advanced Hybrid Solar Thermoelectric Generator

"Due to the fact that much of the world’s best solar resources are inversely correlated with population centers,... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dipak Maity , Dr. Susanta Sinha Roy

Student Name: Pradeepkumar S

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Mechanical Engineering

"Sustainable Benzoxazines: Sources, Synthesis and Applications"

"Rapid advancements in the field of polymers are fast changing the conventional material applications. High performance... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bimlesh Lochab

Student Name: Swapnil Shukla

Submitted on: 2016

Department: Chemistry

Novel Wet Chemical Methods for the Synthesis

"Nanotechnology has opened up new avenues in materials science by unveiling numerous unknown size-dependent properties... read more

Co-Faculty Advisor: Dr. N. Sukumar

Student Name: Ravi Kant Upadhyay

Submitted on: 2016

Department: Chemistry