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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Synthesis of Privileged Carbohydrate Fused-Linked Heterocyclic Molecules as Anticancer Agents

The primary objective of this thesis work was to develop new synthetic methods for the synthesis of diverse library of... read more

Student Name: Priti Kumari

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Chemistry

Computational and Interative Omics- based Approaches for Understanding the Host-Parasite Interactions in Human Diseases

read more

Faculty Advisor: Soumya Pati

Co-Faculty Advisor: Shailja Singh

Student Name: Ayana, R.

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Life Sciences

Numerical and Experimental Study on Performance Enhancement of Savonius and Bio-Inspired Darrieus Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Wind is one of the most abundant sources of clean and renewable energy available to us. This energy is tapped with the... read more

Faculty Advisor: Santanu Mitra

Student Name: Nishant Mishra

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Organic Donor-Acceptor Conjugates: Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence, Room-Temperature Phosphorescence and Modulation of Fluorescence Lifetimes via Conformational Switching

Organic light emitting materials holds great promise for display devices and biological detection. The first chapter of... read more

Faculty Advisor: Debdas Ray

Student Name: Indranil Bhattacharjee

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Chemistry