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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Engineering and Investigation of Zinc Oxide Cathode Interfacial Layer in Inverted Organic Solar Cells: Implications for Charge Transport and Collection

The aim of my thesis is to investigate and engineer Zinc oxide (ZnO) cathode buffer layer (CBL) which bridges the... read more

Faculty Advisor: Samarendra Singh

Student Name: Shashi Bhushan Srivastava

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Physics

Identification and Evaluation of Bioactive Small Molecules as Antimalarials Via Phenotypic Based and Target-Based Drug Discovery

Malaria is an infectious parasitic disease, which remains a major global health concern affecting billions of people... read more

Student Name: Vijeta Sharma

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Life Sciences

Role of Lipid Signaling in Microneme Secretion Facilitating Plasmodium Invasion into Host Erythrocytes

Malaria continues to be a major threat to human health killing thousands of people every year. It is caused by an... read more

Student Name: Poonam Dangi

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Life Sciences

Large Signal Field Analysis of Linear Beam Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier for Anisotropically Conducting Tape Helix Slow Wave Structure Supported by Dielectric Rods

Travelling wave tube amplifier(TWTA) is a microwave vacuum electronic device predominantly used in satellites and... read more

Faculty Advisor: Naveen Babu

Student Name: Richards Joe S

Submitted on: 2018

Department: Electrical Engineering