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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Studies on Application of Repetitive Control for Eliminating Harmonic Voltages From PWM Inverter's Output

Inverters are most common power electronic circuits used in systems like uninterruptible power supplies, electric motor... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dinkar Prasad

Student Name: Naveenkumar M

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Electrical Engineering

Fixed Divisors and Generalized Factorials

This thesis contains four chapters and is devoted to the study of the fixed divisor of a polynomial. In the first... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. A. Satyanarayana Reddy

Co-Faculty Advisor: Krishnan Rajkumar

Student Name: Devendra Prasad

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Mathematics

Synthesis of Privileged Carbohydrate Fused-Linked Heterocyclic Molecules as Anticancer Agents

The primary objective of this thesis work was to develop new synthetic methods for the synthesis of diverse library of... read more

Student Name: Priti Kumari

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Chemistry

Computational and Interative Omics- based Approaches for Understanding the Host-Parasite Interactions in Human Diseases

read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Soumya Pati

Co-Faculty Advisor: Shailja Singh

Student Name: Ayana, R.

Submitted on: 2019

Department: Life Sciences