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Journal Publications

The intellectual contribution of a University to the community at large can be gleaned by the quality of publications by the faculty members. The faculty members at the University have published several book and book chapters; research work in peer reviewed high impact National and International indexed search journals.

Title Author Journal Name Year of Publication Volume & Page Number
High Entropy Alloys: Prospective Materials for Tribo-Corrosion Applications Nair R.B., Arora H.S., Ayyagari A., Mukherjee S., Grewal H.S. Advanced Engineering Materials 2018 20
Adaptation to chronic exposure to sepantronium bromide (YM155), a prototypical survivin suppressant is due to persistent DNA damage-response in breast cancer cells Wani T.H., Surendran S., Mishra V.S., Chaturvedi J., Chowdhury G., Chakrabarty A. Oncotarget 2018 9
The Probability That All Eigenvalues are Real for Products of Truncated Real Orthogonal Random Matrices Forrester P.J., Kumar S. Journal of Theoretical Probability 2018 31
Integrative natural medicine inspired graphene nanovehicle-benzoxazine derivatives as potent therapy for cancer Kumar N., Yadav N., Amarnath N., Sharma V., Shukla S., Srivastava A., Prasad P., Kumar A., Garg S., Singh S., Sehrawat S., Lochab B. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2018 -
Acetylenic Indole-Encapsulated Schiff Bases: Synthesis, In Silico Studies as Potent Antimicrobial Agents, Cytotoxic Evaluation and Synergistic Effects Singh G., Kalra P., Arora A., Singh A., Sharma G., Sanchita, Maurya I.K., Dutta S., Munshi P., Verma V. ChemistrySelect 2018 3