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Journal Publications

The intellectual contribution of a University to the community at large can be gleaned by the quality of publications by the faculty members. The faculty members at the University have published several book and book chapters; research work in peer reviewed high impact National and International indexed search journals.

Title Author Journal Name Year of Publication Volume & Page Number
Carbon doping controlled thermoluminescent defect centers in nanoporous alumina for ion beam dosimetry Bhowmick S., Pal S., Das D., Singh V.K., Khan S.A., Hübner R., Barman S.R., Kanjilal D., Kanjilal A. Journal of Applied Physics 2018 124
A class of sub-hardy hilbert spaces associated with weighted shifts Lata S., Singh D. Houston Journal of Mathematics 2018 44
Characterizing ISI and sub-threshold membrane potential distributions: Ensemble of IF neurons with random squared-noise intensity Kumar S., Karmeshu BioSystems 2018 166
Relativistic-amplitude electromagnetic waves - Beating the “magnetic” barrier Mahajan S., Lingam M. Physics of Plasmas 2018 25
Studying surface and canopy layer urban heat island at micro-scale using multi-sensor data in geographic information systems Budhiraja B., Pathak P.A., Acharya D. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 2018 9