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Undergraduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Final Year Undergraduate Projects: Civil Engineering Department

Department of Civil Engineering
The department aims to train undergraduate students through industry oriented and research-based final year projects.  FYUP projects for 2011-2015 FYUP projects for 2012-2016 FYUP projects for 2013-2017 FYUP projects for 2014-2018  

Rationally Designed Donor–Acceptor Scheme Based Molecules for Applications in Opto-Electronic Devices

Department of Physics
Several donor (D)–acceptor (A) based molecules are rationally designed by adopting three different schemes in which the conjugation length, strength of the donor and acceptor moieties, and planarity of the molecules are varied. These variations are made by introducing a p-conjugated linkage unit, terminating the ends of the moieties by different... read more