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Undergraduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Computational Study of Ring Opening Polymerization in Substituted Benzoxazines

Department of Chemistry
Computational Study of Ring Opening Polymerization in Substituted Benzoxazines – Electron Density Analysis and Role of Intra-molecular and Inter-molecular Interactions in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Research)Substituted furan-benzoxazine systems have been studied taking the cue from experimental... read more

Performance improvement of PVT module with applications of nano-fluids and phase change materials

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sun is a vital source of energy for living beings on earth. Solar energy can be harnesses in two ways namely, direct electricity by photovoltaic effects in solar cells and heat energy. The electrical efficiency depends on the solar cell temperature. As the solar cell temperature increases, its efficiency decreases. Therefore, thermal management of... read more

Rationally Designed Donor–Acceptor Scheme Based Molecules for Applications in Opto-Electronic Devices

Department of Physics
Several donor (D)–acceptor (A) based molecules are rationally designed by adopting three different schemes in which the conjugation length, strength of the donor and acceptor moieties, and planarity of the molecules are varied. These variations are made by introducing a p-conjugated linkage unit, terminating the ends of the moieties by different... read more