Glimpses of the admission info session at Shiv Nadar University

Bitter cold and foggy conditions weren't a dampener as parents and prospective students streamed into the campus on Sunday (January 14) to attend an admission information session.

The priorities for Sandeep Kumar who is seeking admission for his daughter, are clear. "It is not just a question of getting admission or an attractive pay package after a degree; it's a question of how a university can help a student in personality-building and making them a good human being," says Kumar, a visiting Professor at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

"As an alumnus of Oxford University, I appreciate and understand the value of a good university. Also, I sense a good university when I see one. My interaction here on campus has made me understand that Shiv Nadar University is an honest place where profit-making isn't an objective. I am confident that the research rigour offered here will surely help my daughter," added Kumar.

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh, Associate Professor, School of Engineering, kicked off the two-hour information session, followed by a campus tour. Introducing the university, he provided detailed information on campus facilities, multidisciplinary curriculum, placement opportunities, admission process, scholarships, and the university's emphasis on research. 

Antara Dave, an education counsellor and an alumnus of the University of Bristol, said, "I saw the wholesomeness of Shiv Nadar University today. I saw the approachability of the faculty, and having studied abroad gives me a feel of that kind of space and environment where students can approach and become independent. I am confident that my son will learn much by studying here."

Meanwhile, Akshat, who accompanied his parents for the session, said he decided to study at Shiv Nadar University when he visited the campus for an internship. "I love physics, and I intend to continue with research. I found Shiv Nadar University very interesting as it gives me a research degree to help my higher studies," says Akshat, a Grade 12 student at Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram. 

Backing Antara's views, Vinod, a cybersecurity consultant, and his partner Neeta, a learning consultant, said, "My son wants to pursue pure science. We are confident that the four-year BSc research course will give our son the necessary foothold to pursue academics. The infrastructure at Shiv Nadar University will mould him to achieve his goals."

Dr. Balamurugan Balusamy, Associate Dean, Office of Dean Academics, spoke about student life and explained the various avenues available on the campus for students to showcase their creativity through clubs and engagements. 

Joining Dr. Balusamy, student representatives, Dharaneeshwar Prakash, Vice President, Aditya S Krishna, Secretary of Senate, Deena Kamila, Secretary of Food Affairs, Aneesh Kandrakota, Secretary of Academic Affairs (Engg.) and Tarun Singh, shared their own experiences on campus.

Software engineer Amit Valecha and his partner Archana Valecha, an engineer at the Center for Development of Telematics, had come to know more about the B.Tech. Computer Science course for their daughter, said, "The faculty who spoke today were very objective and transparent. They were very supportive and knew exactly what questions come up in a parent's mind. All our queries have now been answered, and we can make an informed decision regarding it now."

Undergraduate Admissions are currently open across four schools, offering 18 programs. 

"We were looking for an international education for our son. Shiv Nadar University is an obvious choice for us in India. Every degree offered here is research-based. It tells a lot about the institution. We are looking for a holistic approach for our son's education, and we are confident that he will get it here at Shiv Nadar University," said Neelam, an entrepreneur.

Signing off the interaction, Dr. Partha Chatterjee, Dean Academics, said, "Shiv Nadar University prioritises every school within its framework. Each department is supported by exceptional faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in research and publications."

This year, the university has opened a new category of scholarship for school toppers, under which a student can avail a 50% waiver on tuition fees if they meet the criteria.

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