Shiv Nadar University's Industry Partnership Summit explores new avenues

The inaugural Industry Partnership Summit held by Shiv Nadar University at Hyatt Regency on Friday (January 19) on the theme of 'Innovate, Educate, Elevate' saw the presence of over 100 organisations spanning 11 major sectors: IT, core engineering, consulting, financial, FMCG, semiconductor, automobile, social sector, think tanks, startups, telecom, and more. The guests included CEOs of Microsoft, PwC, LinkedIn, and HR leaders from GAIL, McKinsey, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise India.

The meeting featured insightful sessions, including Leadership Panels. The CEO Panel, discussing 'Elevating Innovation through Strategic Education Partnerships: A CEO Perspective,' was a vibrant discussion with panellists including Mr. Shikhar Malhotra, Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University; CEO, HCL Healthcare; Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation; Mr. Puneet Chandok, President, Microsoft India & South Asia; Mr. Sanjeev Krishan, Chairperson, PwC in India and Mr. Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager, LinkedIn India.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Shikhar Malhotra remarked, "To be the youngest university in India to get an Institution of Eminence tag tells us about the work done by Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR. This also puts pressure on us to deliver the best talent. Shiv Nadar University thrives on the symbiotic ties with the industry and holds a mutually interdependent relationship."

The HR Leaders Conversation included Ayush Gupta, Director of HR at GAIL; Sailesh Menezes, VP and Head of HR at Hewlett Packard Enterprise India; and Harsh Sawnani, Head of India Recruitment at McKinsey & Company. They engaged in a discussion on the Art of Talent Management in the evolving employment landscape.

Thanking the guests for attending the event, Dr. Ananya Mukherjee, Vice-Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University, said, "We would like to deepen the partnerships with the industry through the various ideas exchanged during the event. We hope to follow up these ideas exchange with some concrete steps."

At the CEO Panel, Chandok said humanity was on the cusp of change as research and products are subsuming into a single entity. "ChatGPT which is the most complex object that humanity has built, is also the fastest growing software object. It took ChatGPT just three months to get 200 million users, while the Internet to two years to reach that number and mobile phones took seven years," said the President Microsoft India & South Asia. 

Adding that the country witnessed transformative change, he said, "Incredible India is now credible India. The country is coming together like it never has. India now brings technology, professionalism, and stability. I think it's a very exciting time to be here. And that's where academia and industry can come closer to charting a future path."

The event also generated a slew of ideas when HR leaders brainstormed over key areas where the industry and academia could collaborate to bridge the divide.

Venkatesh Narasimhan, Senior Director, Engineering of Silicon Labs said, "Industry and academia are part of the same ecosystem. To make good products, the industry needs good products from universities. It's not only about students, even faculty needs to be aware of industry requirements. Industry is always happy to work with universities that are willing to go the extra mile to reach out."

Shiv Nadar University has recently partnered with Silicon Labs, a leader in secure, intelligent wireless technology to establish a center of innovation with specialisation in IOT and embedded technology. The collaboration is aimed at enhancing academic excellence and equipping students with relevant skills demanded by the evolving electronics industry. 

Besides Silicon Labs, the university is also working with the Indian Chemical Council (ICC), the apex national body representing all branches of the Chemical Industry in India, to facilitate the creation of the Center of Excellence. ICC will identify industry-sponsored research projects to which faculty from Shiv Nadar University will contribute.