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We create innovators, leaders, and frontrunners in all fields of engineering and aspire to serve as a model of excellence in scientific and technical education.

School of Engineering

Launched in August 2011, the School provides international facilities with innovative, engaging teaching methods and critical research partnerships. Each program is customized in consultation with industry and academia to provide a balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. The School pushes graduates to the heights of their profession at both national and international levels. The facilities available to students at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence include Process Control Lab, Computational Lab, Mass Transfer Lab, Cloud Computing and Big Data, IoT, Mass Flow Controller, Thermal Energy and Refrigeration, Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Concrete Technology, Fluid Mechanics Lab, and many teaching laboratories.



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Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Department of Mathematics


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Department of Life Sciences

Our Departments

The School’s curriculum emphasizes more on learning fundamentals while having a keen eye on the needs of the changing landscape of the job market. The wide range of multidisciplinary subjects mold the students into an optimal blend of technically-skilled and socially-responsible citizens who are well-equipped to become leaders in their chosen fields. While specialized technology-centric universities have many departments, being part of a multidisciplinary university, the School’s five primary departments offer a Major program with specializations conforming to contemporary needs.

Department of
Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the premier departments in the region that provides a unique educational and research environment. The department offers strong fundamentals complemented by professional skills and a research focus. With faculty drawn from top universities across the world, the department offers B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. programs. Students are engaged in fundamental research on a wide range of theoretical, experimental, and computational research topics in Reaction Engineering, Energy and Environment, Microfluidics, Modeling, and Simulation. Some of our students have won awards at scientific conferences and have also published research papers in top-tier journals. Our industry-academia internship collaborations with top companies develop professionalism among the students.

Department of
Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering aims to develop scientific rigor and professional expertise in its undergraduate and postgraduate (M.Tech.,/Ph.D.) students through our wide spectrum of core and elective courses, and to train them as skilled, dynamic, and critical thinkers who can lead the country’s development from the forefront.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

With leading domain experts, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has a thriving research environment. With an excellent combination of academic excellence and top-notch research, a graduate gains the vital knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing careers in academia and/or research.

Department of
Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is engaged in high-quality research and teaching broadly in Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI) and embedded systems, nanoelectronics, sensors, communication systems, and modern energy systems, including solar photovoltaics. It has competent and skilled faculty with advanced degrees from world-renowned universities and work experiences in the world's top companies. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories that are well-funded and constantly upgraded. The department periodically reviews the curriculum to ensure it meets the evolving trends in its field.

Department of
Mechanical Engineering

With the core objective to develop leaders of tomorrow and conduct translational research to address the major technological bottlenecks, the department has developed state-of-the-art laboratories that not only cater to the undergraduate curriculum but also foster research in various specialized and interdisciplinary areas.

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Theoretical Computer Science
Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) is vast and encompasses topics that are the foundations of computer science. TCS is in the realm of both mathematics and computer science. Historically, it...

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The primary goal of this research group is to analyze the content of an image or video. We analyze the moving objects' motion based on the nature of movements; we recognize the event happening in...

Information Security
Information Security

The Security and Privacy group at Shiv Nadar University's Computer Science Department is dedicated to performing cutting-edge research in critical network and systems security areas. This research...

Research Labs

Research Labs

  • IoT and Wireless Lab
  • Cybersecurity Lab
  • AI and ML Lab
  • Nanomaterials Synthesis/Characterization Labs and 
  • Environmental Engineering Lab

Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships

At the School of Engineering, we believe that collaboration between academia and industry is essential for driving innovation and advancing technological solutions. Through our strong network of industrial partnerships, we provide our students with valuable opportunities to engage in real-world projects, gain practical experience, and bridge the gap between theory and practice.