Intencity Lab (Process Intensification and Safety Lab)

This lab is associated with the research work in the areas of Process Intensification and Process Safety. Several Projects which are undergoing currently in this lab:
a. Study on Micromixing and its effect of very fast competitive reactions of different orders
b. Flow chemistry of free radical polymerization
c. Study of Pulsating heat pipe

Equipments in the Lab:
a. Air oven,
b. Vacuum oven
c. Overhead stirrer (0-2000 rpm)
d. Centrifuge - 6500 rpm
e. Centrifuge - 15000 rpm
f. Magnetic stirrer cum hot plate
g. Rotary evaporator
h. Vacuum pump
i. air blower

Analytical equipment:
a. Weighing balance
b. pH meter
c. Conductivity meter
d. Cary 60 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and associated accessories.

One chemical station with several chemicals, necessary glassware and plasticware and accessories to carry out chemical reactions.

Location of Lab: F103B

Faculty Members: Dr. Dhiraj Garg