Our interdisciplinary Makerspace is the heart of innovation, uniting students and faculty to explore, create, and turn dreams into tangible, functional projects. From design and rapid prototyping to cutting-edge research and the birth of startup ventures, we're your one-stop destination.

Our tinkering space is equipped with everything you need - from ideation and brainstorming to precision design, cutting, machining, testing, 3D printing, and hands-on training through workshops.

Visit the maker space website to join us!

Why Makerspace?

At SNU IOE, we're deeply committed to STEAM education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. And what better way to embody this commitment than by providing a dedicated collaborative space? Our Makerspace is designed to equip you with the perfect environment for your creative and innovative pursuits.

Interdisciplinary Research and Project Creation

Makerspace brings together students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration that leads to groundbreaking research and innovative project development.

State-of-the-Art Tools and Technologies

Our Makerspace is packed with user-friendly, automated, and state-of-the-art tools and technologies. We believe in affordable access to the very best, empowering you to turn your ideas into reality.

World-Class Research Test-Beds

For those aiming to produce quality publications, our Makerspace offers world-class research test-beds, providing a platform for your academic excellence.

Training and Workshops

We're not just about providing tools; we're also about teaching you to use them efficiently and safely. Our trainings and workshops ensure you're well-prepared to take on your projects.

Brand Building

Participate in and organize national and international competitions through Makerspace. It's a platform for brand building and showcasing your talent to the world.

Solutions Across Diverse Fields

It's a one-stop shop for creating solutions in sustainability, green energy, intelligent building, robotics, networks, and AI. Your projects can contribute to shaping the future in countless ways.