Department of Sociology Organizing a Seminar on 'Twice Affected: Pendecies and Personal Liberties'

The Department of Sociology invites you to a talk titled 'Twice Affected: Pendencies and Personal Liberties' by Shahrukh Alam, Advocate, Delhi. Scheduled on 18 November, 2021 at 6:45 PM , the talk is part of the Sociology Seminar Series.

The Indian justice system is admittedly overburdened. A State of the Indian Judiciary Report published in 2016 recorded that the average time taken for a case to be decided in the civil courts is 6 years. If the losing side goes up in appeal, then the average time for the case to be settled may go up to thirteen years. Thus the justice delivery system as it stands now, with its delays and its uncertainties has an adverse bearing on the right to access justice. It might be worthwhile to focus our attention on the excess in the justice system. We must remember that each unnecessary arrest is an additional excess case in an already burgeoning justice system. Do arrests aid investigation and conviction? On the other hand, do they impact the right to access to justice, and also the more fundamental right to personal liberty?

About the Speaker
Shahrukh Alam read law at the National Law School, India and at the London School of Economics. She also has a degree in Sociology. She practices law at the Supreme Court of India.