Wednesday Seminar by ICS | 24 Jan 2024 |

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A Discussion on 'Silk Road Economic Belt' (2013) to 'Community with a Shared Future for Mankind' (2023): Deciphering Xi Jinping's World View
Speaker: Parimal Maya Sudhakar
Chair: Jabin T. Jacob(郑嘉宾), Director, Centre for Himalayan Studies

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Abstract: Xi Jinping became President of PRC in the year 2013 and immediately began to roll out his vision of a China-led/China-centric world order. The announcement of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and its insertion into the Constitution and ideological framework of the Communist Party of China, was accompanied by a proclamation of the realization of the Chinese Dream in the 21st century. Under Xi Jinping, China has continued to champion the process of economic globalization for the world, even as it has also gone about clipping the wings of big private players in its economy. Post-COVID-19, President Xi Jinping decided to go beyond the realm of trade and economics in terms of China’s role in shaping the world order. His announcement of three global initiatives - developmental, security and civilizational - accompanied by a declaration of a vision of Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, can be considered as the most serious effort by China in the post-Mao era to claim a leadership role in the world. It is aimed at convincing the majority of the countries in the world that it is eminently feasible to have a harmonious existence with China as a global power. Xi Jinping is trying to portray a multi-civilization world order led by China, in contrast to the incumbent rules-based order, created and led by the Western countries, particularly the United States. It is imperative to examine the contours of Xi Jinping’s worldview as it has evolved over the past decade and its implications for the world order.