Advanced Materials and Building Energy (AMBE) Lab

Energy is central to achieving India's development ambitions. Rapid urbanization fuelled by high economic development and setting up of “Smart cities” are expected to continue to drive up the demand for electricity in the future. India's accelerated development has resulted in a multifold rise in demand for electricity. As per various reports, residential and commercial buildings sectors in India utilizes approximately 32% of total generated energy. Considering the impending disastrous consequences of climate change into account, there is an urgent requirement to develop technologies and measures which promote the energy efficiency in buildings / structures and develop sustainable alternatives to the contemporary construction materials / additives in order to promote and develop net-zero energy and net-zero carbon construction practices for “Modern India”. This urgency to develop construction materials and energy efficient buildings which have lesser embodied and operational energy requirements leading to reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is further compounded by India’s “Panchamrit” declaration in COP26 summit which aims to achieve the target of net zero emissions in India by 2070. The primary goal of Advanced Materials and Building Energy (AMBE) Lab is to conduct research and develop sustainable construction alternatives (products), train the necessary manpower through hands-on training (PhD and UG student projects) and offer matching academic / professional courses.

Laboratory Resources and Infrastructure

Infrastructure (with images): Please see the attached google drive for the images.

Equipment Facility: (01) Perkin Elmer Differential scanning calorimeter, (01) Buchi Microencapsulator, (01) HotDisk 2500S thermal conductivity meter, (01) Electronic balance, (01) Sonicator Bath, (03) Magnetic stirrer.

Images from the lab:

Completed externally funded research projects

Project tile: Innovative Approach to Energy Savings in New and Existing Indian Habitats: Multilayer System for Energy Efficiency Using Phase Change Materials

PI & Co-PI: Dr. Ghanshyam Pal (PI), Dr. Harpreet Singh Grewal (Co-PI)

Funding Agency: Technology Mission Division, Department of Science and Technology, India.

Funding Amount: Rs. 92.2 Lakh

Duration: 2017-2022


  • Faculty: Ghanshyam Pal
  • Doctoral Research Students: Amit Jain, Prakash Singh.
  • Undergraduate Researchers:
  • Project Staff:
  • Staff: Jitendra Tripathi

Location: D117A