Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The Fluid Mechanics Lab serves as a pivotal arena where students dive into the intricacies of fluid behavior, with a primary focus on pressure-driven flows, particularly in pipe systems. This laboratory provides students with hands-on experiences, enabling them to comprehend both the statics and dynamics of fluids through a spectrum of experiments. Emphasizing pressure measurements, losses in pipes, velocity measurements, and the practical application of Bernoulli's Theorem, this lab offers a comprehensive exploration of fluid mechanics.

Equipment Facility

The fluid mechanics laboratory has the following equipment facilities:

  • Reynold’s apparatus
  • Bernoulli’s apparatus
  • Pressure measurement apparatus
  • Pelton and Francis turbine
  • Metacentric Height apparatus
  • Drag coefficient apparatus
  • Fluid properties and hydrostatic bench
  • Venturi meter and Orifice meter
  • Impact of jet on vanes
  • Losses due to pipe friction
  • Hydrology apparatus


  • Faculty
  • Gopal Das Singhal, Associate Professor & Associate Head, Department of Civil Engineering, SNIoE
  • Lab Staff
  • Rajneesh Kumar, Department of Civil Engineering, SNIoE

Location: C013A