Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Transportation engineering materials play a crucial role in ensuring the durability, safety, and sustainability of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure elements. The laboratory focuses on the study of materials such as asphalt, concrete and aggregates that contribute to the resilience and performance of pavement. Furthermore, this laboratory is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience in understanding, testing, and analyzing the materials used in the construction of transportation infrastructure.

The laboratory serves as a hub for collaborative research, providing opportunities for students and faculty to contribute to advancements in transportation materials science. Ongoing research initiatives focus on sustainable materials, recycling practices, and innovative solutions to enhance transportation infrastructure.

Laboratory Resources and Infrastructure

  1. Advanced Testing Equipment:

Our laboratory features state-of-the-art testing equipment tailored to the specific needs of Transportation Engineering field. This includes asphalt testing equipment – ductility testing machine, kinematic viscosity testing equipment, Bitumen penetration test, Softening point apparatus and aggregate testing equipment – Impact value test, Crushing value test, Los Angeles abrasion value test, Marshall stability test, California bearing ratio test.

  1. Computerized Simulation Stations:

Explore the virtual realm of transportation models with our computerized simulation software’s such MX Road. These workstations are equipped with industry-standard software for [specific simulations, e.g., traffic flow modeling, pavement analysis].

Infrastructure (with images)

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Equipment Facility



Abel flash point apparatus

Determines the flash point of bitumen products for safety in handling and transportation

CBR test apparatus, motorised

Evaluates the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of soil for pavement design and construction

HA 50.90 Aggregate Crushing value apparatus(150mm)

Measures the resistance of aggregates to crushing for construction material quality assessment

Ductility testing machine

Determines the ductility of bituminous materials for assessing deformation characteristics

Digital display weighing balance capa.5 kg.

Precision weighing for accurate measurements in laboratory material testing

HOS. Digital display weighing balance capa.50 kg. 

Robust balance for accurate weighing of heavier materials in laboratory applications

Elongation index gauge

Measures the elongation index of aggregates for evaluating particle shape and quality

Flakiness index gauge

Determines the flakiness index of aggregates for assessing particle shape and suitability

 Aggregate Impact test apparatus with counter 

Assesses impact resistance of aggregates for understanding construction material durability

Los angels abrasion testing machine

Measures resistance of aggregates to abrasion for evaluating durability in road construction

Marshall apparatus

Evaluates stability and flow of bituminous mixtures for asphalt mix design

Oven temparature 

Maintains controlled temperature for various tests, including drying and heat-related experiments


Determines density of bituminous materials for characterizing physical properties

Ring and ball apparatus

Measures softening point of bitumen for understanding behavior under elevated temperatures

Standard tar viscometer

Determines viscosity of tar and bituminous materials for assessing flow properties

Spring balance 50 kg. 

Commonly used for weighing and tension applications in laboratories and fieldwork

Standard test sieves 300 mm( dia)

Used for particle size analysis, these sieves ensure consistent and accurate classification of materials

Universal penetrometer with Automatic time controller

Measures penetration of bituminous materials for assessing consistency and hardness

Pensky martens Appraratus for flash & Fire point test

Determines flash and fire points of petroleum products for safety considerations

Saybolt Viscometer (Electrically Heated)
HF56.55, ASTM D-88, E-102 Make: “HEICO”

Measures viscosity of bitumen for characterizing flow properties

Benkelman Beam with Digital Dial Gauge in
Wooden Carrying Case (as per IRC:81), Cat No:
AIM-566-3, HSN code : 90248099

Measures deflection of flexible pavements for pavement design and assessment

Bently MX Road

Software tool for road design and analysis, offering comprehensive solutions for transportation engineering projects


  • Faculty in-charge – Dr. Shalini Rankavat
  • Lab Staff – Mr. Surendra Sharma

Location : 101, F Block