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Graduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Self-aggregated Macrocycles for Mass Transport across Cell Membrane

Department of Chemistry
The mass transport between the external and interior environment of the cells is an essential process in all living organisms for survival. Nature performs this process elegantly by using well-defined channels of natural... read more

Mechanoresponsive materials

Department of Chemistry
Materials that become stronger upon applying force/stress have a great interest in material science and innovation. Although this phenomenon has been very common in nature and plays a crucial role in a variety of biological... read more

Molecular host for Host-Guest Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
In biological systems, enzymes create well-defined confined space to enforce catalytic activity with very high selectivities and precision. Even though all enzymatic activities are not well understood so far, it is mostly assumed... read more

Higher order Foldamers for Biomimetic Functions

Department of Chemistry
Foldamers are artificially synthetic oligomers that adopt folded defined conformations such as sheets or helices which closely resemble secondary motifs of proteins and other biopolymers. Therefore, this type of synthetic... read more

Project Room: Medhavi Bhatia

Department of Art & Performing Arts
Through this site-specific work, I’ve attempted to explore the idea of mark making, viewing the marks of the “Other” and the marks made by the “Self” as two parallels. For me, a few fundamental facets of this project were... read more

Project Room: Srushti Shah

Department of Art & Performing Arts
My project room is about my whole process of connecting to art practice in a new space .My works are based on the space I am surrounded by or which is related to me. When I was struggling with connecting myself to the new space... read more