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Graduate Research Projects

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Project Room: Anubhav Kaushik

Department of Art & Performing Arts
Click here for the project

Project Room: Tanvi Srivastava

Department of Art & Performing Arts
This particular project, plays with the concept of ‘Othering’! And questioning the Defined Definitions! It critically questions the possibility of defined words like ‘Privacy’, ‘Restriction’, ‘Intimacy’, etc., and rips open their... read more

Project Room: Vishnu Prasad

Department of Art & Performing Arts
"The kept state of order is ephemeral” SNU is very well maintained, keeping everything in order. We have pest control, janitors, sweepers, smoke detecters, All giving us a sense of presence of the authority that maintains the... read more

Project Room: Aishwarya Das

Department of Art & Performing Arts
The concept for the project room got derived from the question, What do we look at ,when we look into the mirror? Along with Jacques Lacan’s theory of The Mirror Stage, in which the ideal ‘I’ of us, is objectified by us, the unit... read more

Biennale Project: Anubhav Kaushik

Department of Art & Performing Arts
Artist name: Anubhav Kaushik Title of the work: Reflection of Solace Year of execution: 2020-2021 Click here for Anubhav's work titled 'Reflection of Solace'

Biennale project: Shriya Kalra

Department of Art & Performing Arts
Title of work: Absurd situations in corona pandemic Brief note on work: This work tried to capture the corona time absurdity, how masks played a role of just a piece of cloth which is mandatory to wear, otherwise they will... read more

Biennale Project: Tanvi Srivastava

Department of Art & Performing Arts
This work reflects the judgmental tendencies in our society, where we casually comment, taunt and gossip about each other, giving birth to unnecessary rumours and hypocrisies. I am currently focusing on observing people, their... read more

Biennale Project: Rishi Mishra

Department of Art & Performing Arts
It's the word Hate In this work on paper, I used a soldering machine to engrave the word ‘HATE’ in running text which looks like barbed wire. I repeated the words ‘HATE’ several times and tied them together. They are stretched... read more