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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Systematic Investigations of Polymorphism, Photodimerization and Charge-Transfer Mechanism in Organic Optical Materials: Probing Structure Property Relationships

Optical materials such as organic push-pull chromophores are substances which can modulate the frequency of light upon... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Parthapratim Munshi, FRSC

Student Name: Kunal Kumar Jha

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Chemistry

Cellular Mechanisms Involved In Developing Resistance Against Multi-Kinase Inhibitors In Colorectal Cancer.

Sorafenib and Regorafenib are multi-kinase inhibitors used as oral anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of advanced... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sri krishna Magani

Co-Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ashutosh Singh

Student Name: Binayak Kumar

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Life Sciences

Design and Development of Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator Filter For RF Applications

The field of mobile communication has witnessed a huge revolution in the last one and a half decade. The explosive... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Atul Singh

Co-Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sonal Singhal

Student Name: Jyotirmoy Dutta

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Electrical Engineering

Defect-Induced Bipolar Resistive Switching in TiO2-based Memory Devices

Metal oxide (MO) based two-terminal resistive random access memory (RRAM) has attracted much attention as a next... read more

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aloke Kanjilal

Co-Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sankar Dhar

Student Name: Arabinda Barman

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Physics