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Completed Doctoral Thesis

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Design and Development of Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonator Filter For RF Applications

The field of mobile communication has witnessed a huge revolution in the last one and a half decade. The explosive... read more

Faculty Advisor: Atul Singh

Co-Faculty Advisor: Sonal Singhal

Student Name: Jyotirmoy Dutta

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Electrical Engineering

Defect-Induced Bipolar Resistive Switching in TiO2-based Memory Devices

Metal oxide (MO) based two-terminal resistive random access memory (RRAM) has attracted much attention as a next... read more

Faculty Advisor: Aloke Kanjilal

Co-Faculty Advisor: Sankar Dhar

Student Name: Arabinda Barman

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Physics

The Study of Optical and Wetting Behavior of Metal Oxide Nanostructures on Textured Silicon Surfaces

The tuning of optical and wetting properties of metal oxides, especially their low dimensional structures has attracted... read more

Faculty Advisor: Aloke Kanjilal

Student Name: Chetan Prakash Saini

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Physics

Computational Studies for Medical Profiling and Algorithmic Designing of Anti-Hepatitis Peptides

Recent increase in hepatitis infection and the emergence of resistant strains have spurred the research on hepatitis... read more

Faculty Advisor: Deepak Sehgal

Co-Faculty Advisor: Jayaraman Valadi

Student Name: Gunjan Mishra

Submitted on: 2017

Department: Life Sciences